1. I wanted to say "send it" but the responsible adult in me is saying spend the money on college it's a far better investment.

  2. Booster funny mom that tries to imitate kids playing and talking via voice chat flashback. “Send it”

  3. Because I would prefer to look at a situation with nuance. Like, think about these:

  4. A good Stoic person. Wish i could give you a copy of my book so i see your opinion, but i can’t divulge my identity lol. Glad to see people like you with good questions and understanding of morality.

  5. Fellow Aquarius gather! Wishing you a happy birthday my aquarius brother. All the best!

  6. 8k has a good chance of popping up today now that Edelman is officially out today meaning official change of control could start today

  7. When MA is announce it will likely go higher than 30-40 dollars or pounds.

  8. Yeah. I left the “stock goes to X price from moass” step out because people can put their own number in their own head.

  9. I love how you think 40-60 is the squeeze when bullshit msgm went from $2-$70 and climbing in 2 days 😂 anything less than $420.69 a sneeze 🌝

  10. My HRV has never exceeded 85, typically around 50. How do people have such high HRV?

  11. Heh, i hit 50 only once per month. Typically 35-45. Yours is high for me xD

  12. The time for body physics has come and I am here to support it.

  13. I ditched whoop and snagged a garmin. No regrets. Love the thing. Way more accurate on sleep as well. Can do manual hrv scans before and after works outs etc. I've had tons of different fitness watches and this has been the best so far.

  14. Thanks for the feedback. Will go and document myself now.

  15. Not sure what a smart alarm is. I don't use alarms to wake up. My internal clock is stubbornly set at a 4 am wake up.

  16. An alarm that based on your data (oxygen, rhr, hrv, etc) makes a prediction of when you are in light sleep (the best time to wake up) and wakes you up with light vibrations. 99% it was accurate for me.

  17. 69 to your anus!!!! Reeeeeeeeee

  18. Guys, as of 5 minutes ago i dont see anymore posts of BBBY on main page. Not latest nor home. Can you double check and let me know, please?

  19. Good morning ape and apette! Let’s crush it and pass the baton-stock-price back higher than it is to our american brethren.

  20. Who's going to tear up a bit if a merger is announced? I know I will after six months of buying this lovely stock

  21. I got diamond balls and diamond hands but man will i breathe a little easier now that i know for sure that i can help my family and my friends.

  22. Im new here too. Try Booking and Idealista. Helped me, cheers.

  23. Deluxe edition here baby! LET’S GO SLYTHERIN!!!!

  24. One one hand, the dog’s painting is literally the dog. Sort of.

  25. This week is going to take one thing from us and one thing only

  26. People thought diamond hands were formed from holding to 1.3€. That was only the warm-up. Shit starts now, and we will see who has gorilla hands and who has paper hands.

  27. Sorry but what app is this? Mine doesn’t let me, and i’d like to transfer to yours.

  28. Food safety professional here. This is actually a very poor idea as it puts the food in the ideal conditions for spoilage for a longer time. The danger zone for food spoilage is 40-140F, so you want to hold food at those temperatures for as little time as possible. The thoughts about hot food overworking your fridge or warming other foods up to the danger zone may ha e had a grain of truth a long time ago, but nowadays it is a myth, as modern refrigerators are more than capable of sufficiently cooling whatever is put into it.

  29. I know, right? I have a book from Gordon Ramsay where he makes grilled polenta with goat’s curd and cherry tomatoes.

  30. Post it as SHIT POST/HODL. If they delete it then mayo man confirmed

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