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  1. B, it has a few absolute bangers but theres also some fluff.

  2. imma be honest i got tired of neurotica fast, for me it definitely has to be caravan and kid gloves

  3. so my friends call him noku. … i did not come up with this by the way

  4. Even trunks and Goten have more of a reason to go super Saiyan because at the very least they're being trained by someone else but literally transforming into something Goku had to see his friends and family murdered for by flexing is just so stupid

  5. trunks i agree with, goten not so much. but back to comparing cabba, they were seemingly trying to recapture the magic of teen gohan, but failed. Also whoever designed him should be fired. (i focus on cabba because he is similar to my favorite character ssj2 gohan)

  6. Goten has a genuinely kind soul and "accidentally" went SSJ training with Chi-Chi, I thought it was great storytelling and helped understand the transformations a little better, not always needing anger

  7. yeah thats true. my only complaint with goten’s ssj was that it ignored the way you get ssj, which is a physical response to a need to protect those you care about. and yeah he was protecting himself, but thats just my opinion

  8. uhhhh, wrong sub but do some coloring at it will be perfect

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