My neighbours left town permanently and forgot their cat… I guess I own a cat now? They always said she had a pedigree but seeing as I hated them, can anyone give me any clues as to what breeds to look at? I want to read up on the breed to become a better owner …

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  1. Probably the most ignorant, completely wrong statement I have ever heard.

  2. You mean compared to Ron Defacist and his gerrymandered majority in the Florida house and Senate? Name one thing Racist Ron has done besides lying about Covid deaths, keeping mimimum wage pathetically low and making sure anyone in Florida who loses their job gets 2 lousy weeks unemployment. And try to get home insurance. Or do anything abount out poluted beaches and flooded coasts. And the scam of taking away the felon voting rights after Florida voters overwhelmingly approved it?

  3. That’s a really cool drawing, I like your style! Lifelike, but not quite.

  4. The volume output thru the speakers will not affect the recording volume. The line in the the tape recorder is earlier (before) in the circuit than the amplifier and speakers. More advanced tape recording devices also allow u to vary the "line in" level to the tape recorder. But your boom box probably does not allow this

  5. I worked at my Dad's CPA firm part time since i was 12 years old. It ended up being sooooo helpful during my college years. I knew wqy more rhsn my fellow students.

  6. Cool, I'll just go back in time and put something in my dad's drink to make him become a CPA and start a firm

  7. My point is that intern experience will be very helpful to you with your undergraduate classes

  8. "DWAC stock rose as Digital World Acquisition said the SPAC's sponsor will extend the Trump merger deadline after investors reportedly voted no."

  9. It is most important to stay optimistic. This happens to everyone and you will soon be working again. Stay positive. And think of constructive things to do with your time while you are looking for a new job. Try to wake up early. Excersize. Eat right. Turn the negative positive. And most of all: remember that its not you. It is just your situation now. And that will change soon.

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