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  1. The thing is, with all these cases mentioned above, the abortion bans in effect had written exceptions allowing abortion in cases where the mother's life was at risk. Most of them actually stated that miscarriage management and ectopic pregnancy specifically don't fit the legal definition of abortion under the law.

  2. Count it as your good deed for the day you allowed that person to go before you.

  3. I don't want to give my full life story on Reddit, but I used to be pro-choice. Actually, I'll go ahead and own it: I was pro-abortion. I thought that abortion was the “correct” solution to nearly every unplanned pregnancy, and I wasn't shy about saying so.

  4. Prolifers who do sidewalk counseling have told me that a number of women have numerous repeat abortions. I refused to believe them bc I couldn't imagine getting more than 1. I guess they were right.

  5. Homeless guy looks to have a Walmart vest by his feet. Just because he is homeless doesn't mean he doesn't work it means he can't afford rent.

  6. Trying to sell and buy right now, and the market just got weird. I wouldnt suggest it. Rates are looking like they will jump again next week.

  7. Everything is moving so fast. We found a house online just posted had an offer by the time we called the realtor.

  8. Video seems to align with how their brain works, believe anything a preacher says. A digitally created video and made up story book.

  9. You said "living has become more expensive" and now you're saying "Your fetus, even if it has the value of a human life, doesn't impact me"

  10. Well yes your fetus means nothing to me just like my fetus means nothing to you. If my fetus happens to mean something to you do me a favor stay away from it anyways

  11. If only she had a bumper sticker to support families like universal healthcare, stopping corporate greed, or saving children from mass shootings. To help that fetus once it becomes a human.

  12. You are out of your mind if you think my position is that "this is Ok". I am (apparently the jury also) distinguishing between two very different sorts of "not ok".

  13. What do any of these have to do with a gross man abusing his position as a cop to harm woman? Do you think she went home and was like well a jury says I wasn't violated so I was wrong let me just get over it.

  14. I cannot wait to piss all over a cop. I travel often domestically let them pull me over I will waste so much of their time. I may even stuff my shirt just for shits and giggles then tell them I am in labor but decided not to have it.

  15. At least eleven murders occurred in the United States since 1990, as well as 41 bombings and 173 arsons at clinics since 1977.

  16. I read the article relating to this picture. No, children did not go into loving homes. I think one of them ended up as basically treated like an animal. Terribly abused.

  17. You are correct they did not, two in the articles were chained in a barn unless working. Very sad situation that we are heading straight into the same place.

  18. This is assuming a doctor will perform in a state that can hold them accountable. We put our lives in their hands as doctors they get paid for this. Do we really think they will put their paychecks in jeopardy.

  19. They passed better gun laws? Or universal healthcare? Oh did they pass better maternity leave requirements?

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