what was ruined by rich people?

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  1. I respect her for it but I still don’t like her, inherently cause of nepotism

  2. This is actual insane, chronically online, stalker behavior and we gotta start drawing the boundary line between celebrities and fans.

  3. It’s such a weird relationship we walk with celebs. Cause we don’t know them at all. But we think we know them by all the controlled things they put out. Since we are a strong reason celebs exist (going to their shows, or movies) we feel so strongly in their creation, that they become infants to take care of. It’s so weird. This is such a big problem in the kpop community I could make a 9 page long essay on the infatlization of bts alone.

  4. Evans performance deserved to win but the idea itself of making a narrative based story that exploited victims and personalized a killer should not be praised. This show is disgusting. I still haven’t watched it and I never will but I can appreciate evans past work and know he always delivers amazing performances.

  5. In high school, two of my best guy friends liked me. I chose one. I chose wrong and I’ve regretted it forever. I chose the one that made me isolate the other one and cut him off entirely even though, looking back, he was the better ones for me. I treated him like crap cause of it and I’ve always regretted it and wished I could just apologize to him truly.

  6. Community theater is so helpful! I reached out and got a part in the vagina monologues they’re doing. It was terrifying but so fulfilling. Good luck to you!

  7. I think, coming as an American myself, the fact that it is a melting pot, adds to a lot of pressure to make sure every single person is accounted for and respected for their differences which can be really overwhelming and lead to an obsession with labels.

  8. I am a little uninformed and am hoping someone in the comments will know. Is thrift books a good alternative to buying online?

  9. Slightly annoying some people are pointing out bad accents don’t by American actors, ignoring the prompt. We’ve heard a hundred times that Keanu reeves wasn’t good yall. That joke is stale.

  10. She doesn’t pass for nepotism cause nepo means you were successful.

  11. Well they’re essentially just a copy passed on as something new. Since it’s so formulaic, the audience is easily bored since it’s not posing a lot of new ideas or concepts. Meaning it’s way easier to criticize it and pick it apart. They’re just so unnecessary, even if it is for a “new generation.” Call me pessimistic but that’s a cute phrase to disguise the reality Disney doesn’t want to risk money on original ideas instead of safe remakes.

  12. I truly thing this person lives under a rock or is diminishing the scope one direction had. They are still referenced in pop culture movies and media, even if it’s just a passing joke. Their music is still played in movies and occasionally on the radio and every new band is compared to their succession. Like, to make this claim is to be entirely avoidant of any one direction media or content in any form.

  13. Is she not a nepotism baby herself? Girly you don’t have a voice here

  14. The most surprising thing here is that their making Shazam 2

  15. Mad max fury road. I rewatch it so often. The Batman and the first trailer for the suicide squad are cool too.

  16. I’m late but I lowkey loved it. I had zero expectations going in (applies to every superhero movie these days) and I enjoyed it for what it was. Felt old school and even though it didn’t pose any original ideas, I didn’t hate it or find it nearly as bad as most people said it was.

  17. In the Rise of Skywalker, when Rey and Kylo kissed and then he died a second later, I laughed so hard. It was a packed theater too so I was like burying myself in that seat. It was just so comically jaring.

  18. It is incredible that you’ve had so much time with him. And it’s incredible that he’s made such a mark on you, as you have on him. He’s had an amazing life and that is all thanks to you and y’all’s bond. Sending my thoughts today for you duringt this hard time.

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