1. Mk1 was never available as a 2 tone AFAIK... Definitely some after-treatment. As for value, in that condition I'd say 800-1k

  2. Nobody will ever take you seriously with a grip pod... Ghey

  3. If they're the same as the Mk3, then Meprolight has them...

  4. Your shit parts and BCA stuff says more than any insult could...

  5. Up in northern WA? Might have to find my way up there.

  6. Oregon coast range, just a bit further south lol

  7. It's the standard by which all others are compared, buy with confidence

  8. Get the omega and use the Jmac brake and just thread the can on and use the asr for the scorpion

  9. Buy a collapsible M4... They're out there, and worth the wait

  10. You mean try to find an LE model, or buy a used one that someone has already upgraded?

  11. Yup... I was able to find one nib for 2300. The collapsible stock is around a grand by itself usually

  12. Mid 1920s Remington Model 11. Cut back to the shell tube.

  13. I chopped my Browning and it was a ribbed Belgian barrel too... Everyone cried

  14. Waiting for ups to drop mine off right now lol... Good choice

  15. Yeah cuz I want to have my life rely on a piece of shit...

  16. I run a Tromix 458 and love it... Hits like an angry stepfather and is always a show stopper when people see the ammo

  17. As soon as they can hold the barrel up... Cowboy up!

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