1. I’ve been on this subreddit too much and have pressured myself into unrealistic standards for a first timer. I just want to eventually make that lovely ooze I see on here.

  2. I mean it’s not full melt be any means but I’d throw it in the hash pipe and happily partake! Looks pretty sticky, does it bubble when a flame is put to it?

  3. It smells really nice but hit a bit harsh. No bubbling when burnt. It catches fire nicely though if that means anything.

  4. I’ve never used worm castings or dry amendments w/ coco but it’s a goal of mine to do something similar eventually when I can produce it by myself. Until then I’ve been running canna coco products with great results. Checkout

  5. Why do people harvest fake karma? Where’s the value? Genuinely curious.

  6. I learned all my butchering from them. Don’t forget that hidden steak in the front shoulders!

  7. I personally turn almost the entire buck into ground (spaghetti, burritos, meatloafs etc) save the tenderloins and backstraps.

  8. My wife and I were just discussing the topic of burger. The way I butchered the deer this time we only ended up with 3lbs of ground. We decided next time to grind more because we use that the most.

  9. I keep hinting that I want a pair of insulated, waterproof and convertible mittens.

  10. Yes post the land. In most states it’s required if you want to keep people out or hold them responsible. I also learned people will blatantly walk by posted signs so it only goes so far.

  11. Trespassers don’t care about you or the no trespassing signs. Get a Tactacam cell cam and you will get pictures within minutes of the sensor being tripped. Without proof it’s just hearsay. As for the cams ur gonna have to walk your forest and find his. They will most likely be in a game trail or deer scrape/rub.

  12. Details- this is from a small 5 acre parcel with a popular creek crossing. These videos take place in late October to early November.

  13. I thinks it’s cool to have a generational stand like that but gps data proves that mature deer will avoid these things at all cost. Just some food for thought. Maybe try moving it around a bit if needed.

  14. A 3 1/2 year old 8 point was taken this year, the secret is to only go out every so often. I have a ladder stand elsewhere on the property that i move for archery, it would feel wrong to move the stand.. Been up 45 years, i just check it to make sure it wont fall over.

  15. That’s awesome! Looks like you folks use it responsibly and get the benefits. Don’t ever take for granted being in a hunting family! As a late onset hunter I’d like nothing more to have all that knowledge passed down every generation.

  16. I’ve found that if you want healthy Whole Foods these days you gotta grow it yourself. Start by growing what you eat the most. Add more and more every year until you can supplement all of your food. The taste and nutritional value is worth it for everything you eat. I also don’t think about my garden as for profit but the savings from growing your own will offset grocery cost. My opinion is we have to grow a lot of food just to feed ourselves properly and that doesn’t leave much extra to sell unless you really scale up.

  17. I’m completely off grid for about $2,500 in a solar setup. It was diy friendly and will power my well pump when I get it dug. Checkout rural power systems kits. Also

  18. Did you use autopots op? Looking to switch to coco but need an auto watering system. What nutes do you use?

  19. I’m not the op but I use canna coco products. Simple two part system with proven results. I also use blumats to water because it uses no electricity but a simple pump and reservoir would work. Just get the adjustable emitters for each pot.

  20. Nice haul. Any problems going 100% coco? I’m toying with trying the same next grow. Any advice?

  21. I got sick of buying perlite and went all coco for many grows. No issues in good fabric pots.

  22. Never needed a oil change. Just keep toppin er off eh.

  23. I’ve spent a lot getting into hunting myself. I always look at my gear pile and say that pioneers didn’t have any of this crap! Haha. They just had grit and woodsman skills. I also hate carrying more than essentials so every new piece of gear just ends up frustrating me. Keep it simple.

  24. Deer have to move to survive. It doesn’t matter the weather or any other excuse contrived by man. They also move all throughout the day as they need to eat and meet other needs. Get yourself a game cam and it will prove deer move in any weather and anytime of the day. There is also lots of gps studies that show the same thing.

  25. I know nothing about this album but as a hunter I’d buy it solely because of the cool cover and hope my ears like it. After watching the video in the link it’s definitely not what I would expected.

  26. I haven’t worked with that brand but these are my general ec for early veg-350ppm, late veg-720, 1,000 and up for flower. Mix little by little until your meter reads the number you want to achieve.

  27. It's amazing, good work! I want to do a full rearticulation so bad.

  28. Me too! I have a crazy idea to do a whole deer display if I ever get a nice buck.

  29. I have land and access to other properties but I like to go to big tracks for of public so I can wonder freely.

  30. Regular season is the traditional rifle season that started nov 19th. You should have a regular season buck tag that can be used until muzzloader starts dec 12 then you can use the either sex tag. Your regular season buck tag then becomes an antlerless tag in the late season. You can use the crossbow throughout the whole season except for the first two weeks of early bow season.

  31. I set my ph low in the reservoir and let it drift up as I add water. It’s good to let it go through a range of ph to absorb all the different nutrients. I’ve experimented with adjusting the ph range for different stages of growth but can’t say if it makes a difference.

  32. Well you don’t have any front traction.. sooo of course it’s gonna slip. You need new tires on your front AND back my guy. Not just the back.

  33. Definitely. It’s on the list just not very high up there.

  34. Save some sawdust in a bucket, works great on icy spots.

  35. Hang some fishing wire with hooks at face level! /s

  36. Nothing like a hook in the face to teach a lesson.

  37. “Life is like freshly fallen snow. Be careful where you step, because every step will show” - Old dude to me and my 11-y/o friends, after we got caught trespassing on his land…in the snow.

  38. I love when it snows because it gives up all the secrets of the woods. Wise old man.

  39. Fun fact, the reason they've changed is actually due to overfishing. The OG filet-o-fish was Atlantic cod. Declining cod catches forced the switch to New Zealand hoki (probably what you liked in the 90s). Due to more sustainability issues we're now at Alaska pollock. The hoki was more flavorful due to a higher fat content so that's why we all long for the 90s filets vs the modern ones.

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