All the trash I found in 25 square feet of my forest.

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  1. Nice raccoon skull! Any guesses what the round plastic pieces might be?

  2. This is actually quite cool. How did you find the glass? In what surroundings?

  3. Thanks! I found everything by digging in some old trash berms behind my house. I clean up a little more every week and

  4. and the dude is trying so hard to make it look comfortable

  5. Several people sent this to me when it happened last year. Legendary.

  6. Okay. You’d think after a few years with chickens I’d be used to this, ha

  7. oh man, am I missing out on Sean Carrol's Mindscape? I've haven't heard of that one.

  8. I am way to excited for this new subreddit. Shannon you always make my day with your posts and stories and you make me feel slightly more sane for the never ending projects I tend to take on around my house with kids running around. You never shy away from the realness of it all and it’s the best. Thank you so much for creating this space/community that I never knew i’d be interested in. I may have come for the cool trash but I stayed for the real treasure that is you! (Hopefully not creepy, I was just trying to come up with a clever trash-foresty compliment)

  9. Oh my goodness THANK YOU. And thanks for following along!

  10. "Trash Forest giveth. Trash Forest giveth not so much" is another one that runs through my head when i'm digging.

  11. I liked the one called “what a stupid fucking way to have a really important conversation” it was about a woman who went through a Robin de Angelo training I don’t see the ep number but it came out June 19 2020

  12. My FoReSt downvoted for being a smelly hippy with nothing better to do

  13. YOUR forest? What does that have to mean, u own a FOREST??

  14. I think the 6 and 3 are upside down

  15. Yes, like others have said: chicken wire ain't for chickens. I'm so sorry about your sweet bird. A fox got 2 of our free rangers last week.

  16. I felt the same way, but then I started wondering if this sub gives a skewed view since this is a place to come for help. So one gets to see all the problems. Idk, when I talk to people who keep hens they all seem to think they are quite low maintenance.

  17. Just neighborhood streets I guess. Not directly bordering any road though.

  18. What a legend, nice job. What's with the pine branch? Is it tangled in cord? I can't quite tell

  19. Hahaha you're so right, but it's tax season for me so the wine is flowing tonight and I got excited to see more Irish people around lol. I'm throwing my joy out there for the world to see lol

  20. Oh wow thanks for the shout out! That was a fun few days on Reddit

  21. Admiring you from afar. Cherish every moment through parenthood, good bad and ugly alike

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