1. That’s a good theory, though I’ve touched on this before a little in other posts. A lot of the times we see him under powered or having his shit handed to him are in times of great emotional distress (S3 finale) or when he’s caught off guard by unexpected events (Herogasm). He certainly seems prone to stress and it throws him off. So yeah I agree, when he’s feeling confident and strong he’s the most powerful there is, but once he starts cracking or get distracted he can’t hold it together.

  2. Eternal Quest on the PS2, literally the worst game I’ve ever played. I stopped after less that five minutes. Everyone should play this game just to experience its blandness.

  3. You can but for some reason morning drinking always makes people tired.

  4. Not sure what autism has to do with it, the only thing autism gives me if the urge to blow my brains out every few hours.

  5. Whatever gives me the max stats I need for the class. Anything lower is a waste of potential.

  6. I see my mother holding an open oyster. What does this mean?

  7. I won £2 on a poundland scratch card, bought two more and won £1, I kept going back after a ton of wins. Most I got was £3 but I stopped after visiting the store for the 6th time in the last quarter hour. If I kept going who knows, I may have made £4 but I try not to think about that.

  8. Ah sorry, time's moved on since my days. I'm still learning this new terminology, sorry if I offended any Africans on the market.

  9. I thought about this for a while and I think I wouldn't say anything. Life is a process, they'll learn as they move on through it.

  10. I want him to choke on plastic. That's the most realistic ending for him.

  11. Get one of those plastic beer can rings stuck around his neck.

  12. I thought Lucky the dog was actually missing and there was a nationwide campaign to find him and I prayed for him every night ... it was just a banking advert.

  13. Man I love over the garden wall. Such a shame it was only a one time thing. We do have hbo max tho

  14. I think the fact it was a one time thing is what made it special. Imagine if they were on season three forcing new characters and unfaithful concepts or having to bring in new ever more dangerous villains after the beast is defeated. It would be terrible. I’m a firm believer that somethings are best left untouched.

  15. I think he’d be great as just a normal human imitating the hero’s just like in real life, but seen by everyone as a complete fucking joke... just like in real life.

  16. Too hard too grindy, I was interested at first but it stopped being enjoyable. It's a good game I'm sure, but I'm a cry-baby casual and couldn't handle the RNG.

  17. ''Henrietta'' by Stephen Gibson, you can buy various printouts, posters, cushions and cards of it. It seems he does various other animals and art too.

  18. 'I don't have a girlfriend because I'm too suicidal to be bothered, it all started when I was born.... You see, my mother worked at the fish market, she was a short woman with man sized hands and a hunched-back, my father had a sickening sickness causing him to ejaculate every two minutes.....'

  19. Damn and here's me flooding the mines with all the slaves still inside as a joke.

  20. It's brilliant honestly. I will say though his face is a little too rugged and serious for me, it looks like a Wendigoon from the future who's travelled back in time to warn us of somethign harrowing. Please don't get me wrong I like it and I can tell it's him, but I'm more used to his softer feature.

  21. I think by this point you're better off making your own content lol

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