Today, I became a citizen of the USA :)

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. The way he walked off with no fucks given was pretty badass though

  2. He could’ve prevented this if he’d have just plugged the barrel with his finger

  3. This one right here got me laughing good

  4. Not taking better care of my diabetes. I was, in fact, not invincible.

  5. I am now 22 and was diagnosed with t1d at the ripe age of 14, in my teens I did not take it seriously at all and thought I was invincible as well. The best worst thing to ever happen to me was my first real panic attack. I instantly no longer felt invincible and decided to get my shit together, my A1C has been dropping nicely ever since.

  6. I’ve been battling my video game addiction For 18 years now. I’m 23, something is right there.

  7. Just out of curiosity, did you happen to kill that player scav on interchange near scav camp?

  8. I did this on accident the other Day, we were in underground bunker and I found a Gzhel of a dead scav and needed one below 50% durability for a quest and I asked another friendly player scav to shoot me, I immediately fell back on it and it got pretty awkward pretty quickly.

  9. While in choir class in high school we would stand when we sung on a bleacher like seating arrangement, as we go to sit down a kid behind another kid in the class took a pencil and stuck it straight up in the air in the middle of his seat and as the kid came to sit down that pencil the proceeded to enter his rectum at an alarming rate, deeper then he probably wanted. So yeah I literally saw some kid John Wick another kids asshole

  10. Umm sir this might be the wrong sub Reddit

  11. Yes he is! They took him straight the the hospital after and he made a full recovery with no injury’s thankfully

  12. Cyma mosfet is trash. You'll have to replace it, with perun v2, titan, or other v2 compatible mosfet.

  13. Rip out the CYMA trash mosfet and install a Gate or Jefftron. Make sure you remove the little metal post in the gearbox with a dremel or dye grinder or the new ETU won't fit. The break down of CYMA MP5 is easy you can find it online. You probably fried the mosfet with your 11.1. Either way you gotta open it up.

  14. Thanks for the help man I appreciate it!

  15. That last picture is just.. mystical. Love it!!

  16. Thank you! That’s our kitty Jinx he’s a good boy

  17. Today was a very unfortunate day to become a US citizen.

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