TIL Andre Agassi won 10 of 11 matches after seeing a "tick" in Boris Becker's serve. Agassi could predict where Becker was serving based on whether Becker stuck his tongue out in the middle of his lip or to the left corner of his lip. Agassi told Becker over a pint of beer - after they retired.

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  1. Ref should be sent off twice, one for DOGSO, and another for throwing an elbow at Bruno.

  2. I agree. I think the word eugenics definitely causes a gut reaction in most people for obvious historical reasons. But if a woman chooses to abort due to the results of genetic screening, that is eugenics. I personally don’t believe it is wrong if it is the choice of the woman. However it is very wrong for other people to force her to abort or coerce her to make a decision either way. Ideally she would be given the information she needs to make an informed choice but the bottom line is that her choice is what matters here.

  3. I agree that there should always be a freedom of choice.

  4. When they no longer play for our club.

  5. So that’s his ridiculous strategy he was referring to.

  6. The most surprising stat there for me is that Rio didn't get 1 straight red in any of his 300+ appearances for utd. Considering some of the challenges I remember from him that is mind boggling.

  7. He has plenty of hard man playing around him actually. His game was more on reading, intercepting and ball carrying.

  8. Deschamps is gonna be buried in shit for taking Giroud out if they don't win the game.

  9. He needs more bodies in midfield and tracking back. Mbappe definitely isn’t an option to be subbed.

  10. Because such gatekeeping does not exist in the sports we love.

  11. What the fuck are you guys feeding Dalot, even his crossing has improved massively. He used to be pretty bad at it…

  12. That control and weak foot shot in first half… unreal.

  13. Yeah nah. Roddick probably closer to Hewitt or Murray.

  14. Fans will probably remember Park more fondly than Ronaldo now.

  15. We call people like you glory hunters.

  16. What would they sue him about? Slander? Nothing he said in the interview about the United management is any different from what fans and "anonymous reports in press" have been complaining about

  17. Breach of contract and gross misconduct probably? Fans and press do not have contract with the club.

  18. When comes to United legends, its always gonna be Rooney > Ronaldo

  19. It was. Now it is Rooney >>>>>>> Ronaldo.

  20. I've been watching this guy since I was a kid, I've always liked his mentality. So seeing him being slaughtered by fans after everything he's given to football is a bit disheartening. The man lost his kid recently and had an ill child you would think after carrying united last year the fans would have some empathy towards him. I hope he does well in the world cup and can retire when the time comes with dignity.

  21. No show, walk off, opening flirting with other clubs trying to transfer himself. Yet he was still given chance and even handed the armband.

  22. And Licha pocketing him, making him throw another hissy fit.

  23. Come on, surely now his ego is GOAT by miles.

  24. It’s just par for the course for that twat. Wouldn’t expect anything else.

  25. Yeah Jamie, too bad you’re missing the other stuff that actually makes a great player.

  26. My condolences to Chelsea fans… from Lukaku to this.

  27. I’d hate it too if i buy something for ridiculous amount of money that simply repeats how good it is, but never work.

  28. Directed at the referee, and yet FA probably won’t do anything because it’s not Man Utd.

  29. What is a Pogba? Are you talking about pogmentary?

  30. Oh that actor in the flopped show pogmentary.

  31. Lol. I have met a few reasonable guys in coop. They know to communicate and make the team accordingly. But even then there is sometimes that one Ahole that says "I main - someone- and I'm not picking anyone else". Can't argue with them tbh

  32. 100% i’ll play his main even if i didn’t build mine in that case.

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