1. Depends on the piercing. Some it’s 16 but majority it’s 18. If it’s nipples/genital it’s absolutely 18 and any shop saying they will is a glowing red flag

  2. I have been hearing about this whole issue of hetero guys not washing their ass for fear of it being "gay" for some years now. I just have to cling to the belief that this is largely internet nonsense that is said to shock people.

  3. Unfortunately no. My ex thought like this, broke up with him the second I found out I was so disgusted by it

  4. Funny because in boot camp they specifically have to go over washing your ass with soap because a lot of 18 year olds just don’t do that, like they never learned that they are supposed to or something.

  5. Bellybuttons smell like rotten cheese if you don’t clean them too, it’s not difficult to realise it needs to be cleaned

  6. Whilst 6-9 months is the average healing time for some people it absolutely can take longer. Not one body is the same. The more you lay on it/use headphones the more you’re prolonging the healing. Personally I’ve never had an issue with helixes (I have 9).

  7. I’m working on a massive project too. I have mine on a 20”x17” frame and that’s maybe about 1/10 the size of the project. The rest I’ve tucked up in bull clips

  8. Not the same but a colleague recently bought a flat in Kelvinside. Home report was £135k but it went for £145k. This was a 1 bedroom and stones throw from great western though so could fluctuate easily

  9. I have 2 vertical helix piercings on my other ear (pics on my profile if you wanted to take a look) and I really love asymmetry! My piercer suggested helix flap/cat flap piercings as I do have the anatomy for those - do you think that could work?

  10. Yeah I haven't seen very many but I think very few people have the right anatomy. My other idea for that area is an orbital vertical helix but not sure I have the space...

  11. Fucking yes join the vertical helix orbital gang! Mine is my 2nd favourite! Granted they’re asses to heal but so worth it

  12. I done it years ago (mum got me tickets as a birthday gift). Afaik VIP is usually always after a gig. As for only going to that and not the gig though I’m not sure. I’d email or call to find out for certain

  13. I love (/s) dealing with people like this. My Grandma called them "too smart by half." They're smart enough to know they're a little ahead of average, but not smart enough to realize how much they have left to learn.

  14. My gran said their egos are bigger than their cocks lol

  15. I do this with multichrome eyeshadow! It works a treat

  16. She supposedly quit when she was pregnant with her first kid but before then she was rarely not papped without a vape

  17. I have the Scottish spelling of my name but live in England and have spent 30 years correcting people. With something like this I feel sorry for kid.

  18. Interesting. I would've tough English people would been familiar with Scottish and Irish names.

  19. Nope. I don’t have a traditional name but have family members who do and I don’t think any of them have had their name said correctly when they go to England

  20. Ayy fellow triple conch person! They look amazing OP!

  21. I worked through mine slowly over the course of a couple years (still got a few to add). One thing to prepare for is the cost. If you stick to just titanium you may get away with only paying a couple hundred but that depends on how many piercings you have total. The more piercings = more jewellery = more expensive. If you’re looking into gold or genuine stones then be prepared for minimum couple thousand to drop.

  22. If you want to do it go for it! Opportunities don’t come around much and it seems like they’re willing to work around your schedule so you’ve still got something to fall back on if it doesn’t work out

  23. Ace beaute make my favourite matte formula. Duo/multi chromes my favourites are hidden cosmetics, chaos cosmetics, and Clionadh. Standard metallics my favourite are ABH

  24. Owmagawd that's a big orange beast

  25. I done a giant greyscale GoT character one and let’s just say I try to avoid the colour grey now because it makes me irrationally angry.

  26. The outer section does appear to be pressing into your helix ridge which will likely cause issues.

  27. This is one of the weirdest industrials I’ve ever seen. It looks neat but very impractical to be honest. I just think about sleeping and the pressure it would be causing on your ear/ head.

  28. I used to have one similar but instead mine came it of the forward helix and not going into it. I still miss that piercing and I’ve not had it for a decade

  29. The fact that Rhaenys’ great grandmother is her grandmother probably makes her a bit indifferent to weird age differences

  30. The landmark one was around months ago for a couple weeks but they got rid of it and just brought it back with the new update. You get it with any landmark. I got it in a forest deep in the Loch Lomond Trossachs (I grew up in a village there so went home for a few days) with my first dragon, don’t have it with dragon no2 though

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