Gamers of Reddit, what video game has the best storyline?

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  1. This is what would had happens if ping didn't age and becomes immortal and keeps stays young

  2. She is immortal. She chose to be an old lady. She can go back if she feels like it.

  3. beautiful, but why change her age so drastically tho?

  4. That is what she looked like before she turned herself old.

  5. Music’s good. Scenery’s good. Weapon banner is a scam. The Traveler should be able to wield all of their current elements and be able to swap without going to a statue. The resin system is jank. Artifacts are a pain in the ass. The worst domain is the Mondstat Talent domain.

  6. I just need to triple crown a few more Mondstaters that I regularly use and I will be done with that stupid fucking domain forever.

  7. I just bought the bundle on the Steam Sale a few days ago. I hadn't played them since the 90s. (I don't count the 2008 reboot)

  8. Cafeteria kids, raised between the nuggets and small cartons of milk they don't know about right or wrong, only the taste of square pizza and insulin.

  9. That square pizza was the shit tho. With little square pepperonis on it!

  10. Each round, Jimmy wishes that Jorgen was his Fairy Odd Parent. Dexter loses.

  11. Can someone tell me what this issue is cause there's a good chance this could be me in the future 😂

  12. The traps chosen take too long to reset and are generally better in a tunnel with spike floors underneath them etc.

  13. They should make the distance up to max ballon height and a bit more.

  14. The max distance should be when your glider would normally auto deploy, which is based on elevation of terrain.

  15. transcendent green (ocha) - post-apoc, set in scotland. one of my bigger annoyances with postapoc's - the system changes physics such that electronics doesn't work anymore. This makes so little sense and always bugs me. Also, the author likes naming things in gaelic, so you have no real reference to what they are. The story was decent, the romance was unhealthy though certainly believable (at each other's throats, kind of thing). Called it at about the 2/3 part. DNF

  16. Try "Magical Girl Gunslinger" on RR. It was recommended on the sub a few weeks ago.

  17. Wait. 20 something years after seeing this movie and I just realized this joke.

  18. You know in WW2 movies when the Tiger tank crests over the hill, ready to fuck shit up and everyone is like "Oh, shit!"?

  19. It's a sniper rifle. Don't use it like a shotgun. It is a mid to long range weapon. It slays.

  20. Ah yes just dodge 6 small wolves that teleport at random intervals it's so simple

  21. The ghost dogs are the worst enemy in the game. Constantly teleporting and bleed damage for the whole party.

  22. I would just say Stargate in general. No reboot though.

  23. Are you in the sailing camp? That's just Windwaker.

  24. Have you listened to the fan made album Chrono Symphonic? It is top tier.

  25. This is basically taking advantage of the spawn system. We use to do this in old CoD.

  26. Indeed. Very effective in old CoD. This is why they changed the spawn system after MW3, I think? Maybe it was AW, which I didn't play.

  27. SBMM and no ranked on release for a game as casual as cod has to be the dumbest shit ever.

  28. The SBMM isn't even a gradual increase either. You get a really good game in and all of a sudden, you're standing at the peak surrounded by meta CoD Gods beating you with Overkill Riot Shields.

  29. We haven't had random matchmaking in years, SBMM was in OG MW just seems like it has been overtuned in recent releases.

  30. I never noticed it in Cod4-MW3. The only thing I noticed from that Era was that you tended to be match with equal parties if you were in a party, plus randos. If you had a full party, you were probably be going to be matched against another full party.

  31. that sounds like it could be a line right out of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

  32. This is basically the premise of the anime "Gate". All the fantasy warriors, wizards, monsters, dragons and whatnot can easily be obliterated by the might of modern military.

  33. Thank you for bringing this series to my attention. It is a true underdog story that makes you cheer for the MC and feel for them and connect. Wonderfully done piece of work.

  34. It's hard to argue that Fortnite is targeting only kids anymore. Not to call anyone out but I can't imagine a lot of 10 year olds were like "OMG Robocop".

  35. I have Founders Edition and get Vbucks on the reg.

  36. The next truly Texan place a strip mall with 80% parking lot a target 4-3 empty stores and a Tex max place

  37. Island will be a giant Golf Course! Fore!

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