1. Steam Deck running Windows probably scares more on this sub than Windows users.

  2. It's wild, you'll get downvoted for saying things like "I installed windows on my deck and think it's a great idea" and you'll also get people in the replies saying "it's not that complicated you just have to use a bunch of 3rd party tools!" when I point out that all of my games and launchers work without any tweaks.

  3. Mack was so good in this match, highly recommend. As was Blackwood vs Garcia

  4. Imagine hopping all that way up and then missing the kickflip

  5. It worked against the Gunns last night. It's never worked at any other time in this company.

  6. I was annoyed at first until Colten started leaning into it when he was listing things quickly and deliberately pausing and looking up waiting for it. Got a laugh from me at least

  7. Why the fuck is Jericho still gigging like this in 2022? Why the fuck would he feel like he still needs to do this?

  8. I remember this match probably once a week, speak for yourself.

  9. Covid took this from us and I will NEVER forgive it for that.

  10. This is in no way a slut shame, but nice girls don’t let dudes run a train on them. She definitely a freak.

  11. With Windows games already repeatedly breaking by either a game update or in rarer occasions on Proton updates, I really hope the publishers step up over "this support" and treat SteamOS like it was just another console and make native versions. For example they could ship Windows games with Denuvo while relying on Steam's own DRM for native games. The Linux base alone will be a sufficient form of copy protection for quite some time.

  12. apparently this is a hot take, but I really recommend installing win10 on your deck. I did it months ago and haven't looked back. It's very VERY nice not having to worry about compatibility, and networked windows drives make file transfers easy-peasy. I know everyone wants linux gaming to work, myself included, but I've never been a fan of messing w/ compatibility layers and updates breaking said compatibility.

  13. Sami Zayn when Nakamura makes his entrance for their match at Takeover Dallas. You can see Sami is doing everything in his power to keep his composure during that entrance.

  14. Can you use any mouse with this? or are you limited to using only the included one?

  15. Takeover Dallas or Brooklyn are top-to-bottom great shows

  16. hence why he dipped out and is currently Circle 6 champ

  17. I'm a huge AEW fan but this dude's joke is great/accurate, every episode of dynamite ends in three run-ins waves of dudes participating in a post-match-beat-down. "rentfree" for.... observational comedy???

  18. What? There are almost never run ins during AEW matches. After match beat down yeah, run ins no.

  19. My apologies King Wrestling for using the wrong words to describe the going-ons in the fighting television drama. Every episode ends with like, three waves of dudes "running in" from the back so that's what I called it. I hope the wrestling gods can forgive me for using the term as a descriptor rather than the absolute intended purpose. I've edited my post so it's more clear, as you seem to be very particular about this.

  20. My brain is fucked up from being terminally-online and I remembered

  21. Holy shit you weren't kidding, just looking at like, three days of post history you'd think a PC fucked this dude's wife

  22. They're champions, that's the furthest thing from underrated.

  23. They're both world champ material and it seems both are really happy in AEW, especially Swerve.

  24. as someone who's just recently been getting into pro wrestling, specifically AEW, this is surreal

  25. Happy cake-day and welcome to the world of Pro Wrestling, it doesn't stop being surreal.

  26. Punk mentioned it was found out during the discovery-phase of their lawsuits, insinuating that Colt had a shared account with his mother to hide his money from Punk, as I don't think damages could be pulled from a joint account.

  27. Thomas Santell (one half of the Heart Throbs in WWE) and Nick Gage vs. Bryan Alvarez and Tom Lawlor

  28. Not sure if you're on PC, but I created a custom Steam controller configuration to do this earlier since I was running into the same issue, I just uploaded it as a community config. I'm guessing the devs will probably add this in time.

  29. I ended up doing this as well, going to see if I can do a layered set so when holding LB the d-pad functions as normal for weapon select

  30. Yeah, I’d like this feature as well, also an old THPS player. Double tapping the stick for tricks is so inconsistent for me.

  31. Yeah it was the moment that I realized there were double-tap tricks that I wanted to play d-pad instead. An option to double-tap the trick button itself rather than the stick would also be a solution to this "problem"

  32. Just tuned in. 3 minutes in and I remembered that Beyond has the most obnoxious fans. Everything is a chant. Everything's gets a WoOOoOoOoOoaHh YAYYYY. I'm not sure when it turned into say what karaoke but it's insufferable. I'm sure everyone else hears a crowd that's just passionate about wrestling and I'm just a jaded old curmudgeon.

  33. Oh noooooo people that paid to have fun at a show are having fun at the show >:|

  34. $50 to provide sound effects. So much fun. Maybe if it wasn't like 15 times per match for 3 hours. Why do we need a chant for everything? Guy wins 20,000 dollars. Let's chant 20,000! No other crowd on the indies is as "involved".

  35. $10, and yeah man, it's a lot of fun engaging in the camaraderie of the crowd??? Everyone in attendance is having a great time, isn't that the whole point? Sorry you're feeling so curmudgeonly, maybe get out and go to a show and you'll lighten up a little.

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