1. I got through QotMS. My favorites are Ugh (love the guitar rifts), Dust to Dust (Pau singing-wow), QotMS and Hunter. I noticed watching the earlier videos how hard Pau was working to hit the drums, she seems to have calmed that down a bit. Will get through XXI Century in the next couple days.

  2. I will be there. 3rd time seeing them, first time was Dec 31, 1990 at SF Civic Center.

  3. I get motion sickness looking at that rail line.

  4. I have been using trains for exploring and gathering hard drives as well while building my world loop. If you have the radar tower unlocked build train station and a ramp up fairly high and plug it in to unlock the map while you're out collecting.

  5. I just went through the pain of figuring them out and I only have a short section of rail where trains need to share the bi-directional line. Block signals on both sides of the rail so you need 4 signals to create a bi-directional block. I have 2 side by side stations that merge into the main line and had to put block signals on both ends of the stations as well to have the train trigger that it left the intersection. I think I have a total of 16 block signals covering my main train station and 1 branch off the main line.

  6. Make sure to put down some yellow caution stripes so nobody trips and sues Ficsit.

  7. I really love the ideas of triangular foundations and ladder floor holes. I think this could really make a few builds come together better.

  8. Same those are the 2 that stand out to me as ones I would love to see in game soon.

  9. I'm ~60% of the way through phase 4. It's a beast. Nuclear Pasta is surprisingly easy although the fused modular frames for it are quite intensive. I'm having the hardest time with propulsion rockets because I didn't plan my use of aluminum cases very well and kind of spaghettied it together at the end . .now I'm either running out of cases or they're jamming up the lines, lol.

  10. I need roughly 300 more of the Director Systems in Phase 4 and I am done! Then it's time for a complete remodel.

  11. Built mine over the giant hole at the end of the grassy fields below the cliffs to the red forest. There's a lake on either side, one above and one below. The furthest resource is the ECRs coming from the gold coast. But that spot has the uranium two sulfers, a bunch of iron and copper and nitrogen gas spot all not too far away.

  12. I am building one there now too. There are also 2 water nodes right there as well. Pretty much everything you need not too far away.

  13. I just finished TPR for phase 4 so I'm now building backwards to make it an efficient, self sustaining product line to sink. There were a couple issues with the process I initially built and had to throw random machines in to balance it out and make a couple long runs to get more resources in the line but figured it would be worth the effort to have a TPR factory and a steady supply of tickets.

  14. Give them a break. It took the Redskins 2 years to come up with a new font for their W.

  15. Selling 4 Tickets Denver Jan 27th, Sec 378 Row 7 Seat 3-6. $500 for all 4 including parking (I paid $498) via Ticketmaster transfer. Let me know.....

  16. The discombobulator or frammelshaft most likely.

  17. Xfinity too. Unable to load persistence data.

  18. Maxed out Mackay- (only had about 150 left.), Med Pen, Incendiary Grenade and PKP.

  19. My game locked up, crashed to desktop and when I loaded the game back up all settings were reset and was forced to go through recalibration. Now I am trying to get into a game and it puts me in a lobby but I am the only one there, I think. I never get anyone in my squad and wait 10 min for the game to start but it never does. WTF?

  20. Personally I feel the XP gain is nerfed compared to the previous BF games. I could be wrong, but the game seriously needs double XP boosters. They are probably saving that for the season passes.

  21. What is the point of all the XP? Really not a whole lot after lvl 70 or so. If you want to farm XP grab a SOFLAM or Casper Drone and sit back and spot enemies. Once all the weapons are unlocked its more about leveling up weapons to unlock attachments and XP is pretty much useless fluff.

  22. If you have 1 firefly drop it and pick it up again 7x.

  23. I can imagine those grinding the Rao and prox sensor badges are going to be out in full force today.

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