1. American bicycle infrastructure is effectively non-existent, American drivers are already among some of the worst in the rich world, Americans are at best unaware of cyclists, and at worst, the toxic macho road-rage coal-roller culture is actively hostile to cyclists that they regard as f*ggy liberals.

  2. Exactly. Religion gets us addicted to chasing the high we get from the 1 or 2 times it actually made us feel something at a concert or such. The "God sized hole" doesn't exist. It's the human condition. It's discontentment. Only by saying "fuck it" and doing our own thing can we move on from tilting at spiritual windmills and work at the base of what we want. For me that was starting my transition and being able to appreciate girls without worrying I was gonna go to hell for doing so.

  3. One of my friends is really bitter that she thought that feeling you get at a praise concert was sold as being exclusive to religious stuff. Then she heard Stevie Nicks sing Landslide live and realized it can be anything.

  4. Yeah, and that's not religion. It's just fucking adrenaline.

  5. I think it’s more than just adrenaline, but I agree with your sentiment that it is essentially a conditioned chemical response.

  6. Yeah, it really sucks when your favorite band just sucks.

  7. R/catholicism is the distillate. They lean young and radtrad. Most people at mass on Sundays are pretty boring boiler plate conservatives. It is a bit worse than it used to be because the extremists showed their true colors with Trump and COVID and pushed out the boring normal people like my mom and (hopefully soon) some of friends.

  8. I probably outscored him, but still, intelligence is getting a high ASVAB score, but wisdom is knowing that no woman at a bar gives a shit.

  9. That's good, but they could have done a lot better than Ft Liberty

  10. Good. We shouldn’t have US Army bases named after people who took up arms against the US Army.

  11. The United States. The current reactionary impulse is an outgrowth of domestic Evangelical Protestantism. If we didn’t have them in alliance, this whole thing would have been rendered so socially unacceptable, that it would just be an amusing curiosity rather than a threat to the Republic.

  12. After my oath when I pinned CW2, I had one of my NCOs hand me a cup of coffee before I started my speech. I don’t remember what I said.

  13. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. Also, wear a helmet.

  14. Married some idiot from my home town. She spent all my money. We separated after 10 months. Clean break.

  15. They did away with the Standing Power Throw and retired the guys that came up with it?!?!?

  16. I don’t know, but that guy on the far right sure as hell can’t sing

  17. I thought the garrison commander was the approving authority for these

  18. CNAs can only be issued if barracks occupancy is less than 95% or in special circumstances

  19. In my 14 years I have learned that every regulation is only as valid as the strength of the will of the person enforcing it.

  20. Good lord, did you show up to formation in a furrsuit or something?

  21. Neither. They were more concerned about bringing in the local catholic doctor to tell us the dangers of birth control.

  22. The extent to which they leaned into the evils of birth control during Pre-Cana rather than anything else was as hilarious as it was infuriating.

  23. This might have been my own tendency to glean what I wanted. I always thought the focus was the message… now, when I discovered that all anyone seemed to give a shit about was beating the hell out of and brutally killing Jesus, that was the start of my deconstruction.

  24. The run vs walk question is not nearly as consequential as whether or not the Standing Power Throw, in all its pointless, stoopid, indignity, should exist at all.

  25. He might be good at guitar, but he still sucks at singing and writing lyrics.

  26. They need to assert themselves at some point.

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