1. That was the project name for the proxy before they decided on "proxy"

  2. You can't be serious trying to compare a cobbled together vape to a brand new product. If you use a v5 cup on a v5 base it works amazingly. You're really pushing it with your argument there pal lol

  3. I got that based on several recommendations from this sub, guess I needed you in my life before I made that purchase. I see what you're saying tho.

  4. nah i still think you went down a solid route and your opinion is not necessarily misinformed. i own like all of the popular devices on this subreddit and many that are not popular. The reality is, this technology is fucking awesome but it still has a long way to go before it reaches nirvana-perfection-dab-science-e-bong-heaven. None of these devices function flawlessly, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. its why you'll find lots of users in here have multiple devices. Even the stuff from puffco, DrD, and similar "name brand" companies are not going to be flawless performers.

  5. I got one and it is charging fine/powering on like normal... maybe you got a bad one, sorry to hear that man.

  6. Lmfao $300, no 3D chamber and no way to use it through water 🤣 I thought this was some April fool's shit

  7. It does have a 3d chamber... and you can use it through water but you do have to buy a water pipe separately so you kind of have a point. You have to spend even more money to use it through water lol.

  8. I bought one....the price hurt but it seems to be what I'm looking for. I have a sequoia with dtv5 cup and it always gives me problems. It loses connection with my mod and I have to tinker with it to get it to work right with AF. Seems like most people love it but for me it's been a pain and I just want something simple that works. I plan to post my thoughts on it once it arrives (which will probably receive some hate but different strokes for different folks).

  9. I have been going back and forth this morning, chamber is a bit smaller so won’t hold as much. This won’t replace my pro, but that’s not what I was wanting. Pro still out classes it with fine tune adjusting and being able to take a bigger hit. This is a simplified hand held 3d shrunk down a bit. Perfect for mobile for me, I see some type of mini attachment in my future to shrink it even more.

  10. I ordered this to replace my sequoia, I've been having issues with it and want something that just works so I'm glad to hear you're happy with it compared to a sequoia.

  11. A lot of people on here love luster pods. They are both good and you will have more strain choices for luster pods but I actually prefer pax pods. I've never had a pax pod clog (I've had a couple lusters clog on me and had to warm them up) and they also seem a bit smoother to me. Another bonus with the pax pods is you can dial in a "dose" setting so you know exactly how big of a hit you are getting.

  12. Damn, that's nice! Good luck everyone!

  13. Cresco live resin carts are good but don't get the supply ones they aren't actually live resin.

  14. Ya, good point I guess no one really knows if the cloud tire is a game changer or not...

  15. I mean, no one knows when it’s going to show up besides C&R. Here is a review video if you’re interested in how it performs:

  16. Thanks, that was a really helpful video! I'm thinking if I don't hear any news on a release date soon I'll just grab the whisper (really want more carve than my stock tire).

  17. And what kind of effects does “gas ass weed” provide? That’s not answer to the question bro. Sooo many people are always like: yo, it’s awesome, it’s dank ass fire. Or some nonsense. But that doesn’t help anyone understand what kind of benefits and effects it provides.

  18. ICC is my favorite strain. Everyone's body chemistry is different but for me it provides a HEAVY body buzz that gets rid of my pain & helps me relax/sleep. It's a very relaxing buzz and I don't get any anxiety no matter how much I vape (which happens to me sometimes with other strains). Definitely worth trying.

  19. I'll third it....I have alot of vapes and still continually end up back at my dynavaps. I have a few of the older hydravongs (wooden body tapered to fit 14mm water piece) and love them. For reference I also own a crafty, mighty, silver surfer, and sticky brick which are all really good also. xmaxx v3 pro, starry v3, 2 arizer portables and the eq desktop, and my other 2 favorites the milaana 2 and and the elav8er from seventh floor. I've noticed for me personally my favorite vapes are the ones that If pushed can combust.

  20. I have a few vapes as well and have considered trying a dynavap. I'm really into flavor so I love my mighty, is the flavor from the dynavap close to the mighty or will I be disappointed?

  21. Dr say I need a backyatomy! GAWD, if you listenin', HELP! But seriously, research terps and find the one that works for you. Full Spectrum products should help.

  22. 🤣 I didn't even think about that label.

  23. First time trying this company. The taste on this cart is great, pretty strong blueberry flavor followed by some cake. The effects are indica leaning but not so heavy to where I just want to sleep. If you want something other than luster pods this is a good option.

  24. Look into the Mighty or Crafty vaporizers, or dynavap/sticky brick for on demand vaporizers. Don’t invest into anything too cheap, or you won’t enjoy vaporizing

  25. These are all great vaporizers. If you are looking for something cheaper the fury edge is a pretty good starter vape. If you have the money I would go for the mighty or crafty+, you can't really beat them. Also try looking on the vaporents reddit.

  26. I also have essential tremors and haven't found anything to steady my hands. I'm very interested in trying either of those two strains, I wasn't aware marijuana could help with that. Having a couple of drinks help mine but I don't want to drink everyday so that's more of an added bonus on nights that I drink.

  27. Recently got a firefly 2+ and it gives the best flavor of any vape I've tried. I own a solo 2, crafty+, fury edge, and dynavap and this firefly 2+ blows them all out of the water when it comes to flavor production.

  28. Nevermind guys, I was able to find it on their site (should have looked there first). high-terpene full-spectrum extract.

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