1. You're paying for the services of the hotel. Even if you don't use them, you're paying for them.

  2. Understandable, but I still don’t think that all those services add up to around $180 a night. I could maybe see $50 a night but beyond that I have to wonder why the market is that high

  3. Which brands/companies and in what cities are you seeing a hotel rate $180 per night?

  4. Ironic since the post is titled: "How much of the right wing's war on "grooming" is based on projection?"

  5. It sounds like the company needed a clear out and he’s just going about it in the most overt and ridiculous way.

  6. How do you see people in apartments from miles away? A drone? Are you sitting on a hill with binoculars or a telescope?

  7. Its the wee hours of the morning/early morning right now. Chill out. Insomnia is thing. Reading articles are daylight hours when the mind is not tired, maybe I'll check it out later.

  8. "On February 18, 1974 I ate a bowl of ice cream with Kareem Abdul Jabar in San Diego."

  9. He should replace Vitale but Bill doesn't fly to the east coast.

  10. Excited for the game vs Georgia Tech, worried about the game vs Notre Dame.

  11. Oh I just got banned from there like an hour ago because I comment here

  12. Maybe we could’ve used our money to fix the crumbling infrastructure and economy instead of sending it overseas in a war we aren’t even fighting in

  13. I love it when they say the republican party doesn’t care about working class people, but somehow, the Democrats ACTUALLY DO care about them. It’s hilarious.

  14. It's Woodrow Wilson and it's not particularly close.

  15. Do they still teach in school that Woodrow Wilson urged congress to pass a law and got that law passed that jailed people for speaking out against the U.S.A.'s involvement in World War I?

  16. So much this. I was only eight years old when Reagan took office, and even I noticed the tonal shift in our house from when Carter was in office. My parents went from complaining about gas prices and worrying over hostages in Iran, to buying nicer cars and going on more expensive vacations. My dad (UPS driver) suddenly got more and more overtime at work, so our situation seemed to improve in just a few years. Reagan has been the best president of my life.

  17. I noticed redditors downvote all posts that ask the question, What good has Biden actually accomplished.

  18. Ok yeah Reagan was pretty good BUT he supported the assault weapons ban so he can lick my taint.

  19. Hyperbole to the tenth degree. The dude has been dead a while. Did he push to get it banned and sign it into law? No that was Bill Clinton.

  20. The progressives on Reddit constantly accuse the conservatives of making bad-faith arguments and obfuscating their "real" intentions, but then they make arguments like this. This is akin to conservatives thinking the liberals are only pro abortion so they can have loose sex with no consequences. This entire debate is too fucking dogmatic now, just like every other politically charges subject in America rn. All signs point to people being pushed to these extreme arguments as a way to divide us and conquer, nobody stops to think "maybe I'm not helping by pushing the unrealistic narrative either" everyone seems to know it, but instead of each side and individual saying to themselves "well realistically I KNOW they don't really wanna kill babies/poor people" we instead dig our heels in and scream "if we're successful manipulated it's entirely THEIR fault! Reeeeeeeeeee". When Roe came into existence in the 1970s, the majority of non-catholic Americans were for some level of abortion. The Babtists mostly considered it a "catholic gripe" and didn't care. Somehow since then born-agains and the like have become the defacto cheerleaders of the antiabortion movement. Nobodies culpable for this bullshit evidently. I hope I am dead before this civil war happens.

  21. A whole thread of ppl who think its normal to go cry in a public bathroom after thanksgiving dinner lol…

  22. I wonder if that subreddit would get mad if I made a bunch of comments about the TV Show Dallas in there. (On a different post/ not at all in any posts referenced and linked in this subreddit)

  23. When a transsexual changes their name to fit their new gender, they refer to their old name as their “dead name”

  24. Tbf, Nixon and FDR also won in monumental landslides (1972 and 1936), and I don't believe either of them were good people. I do agree Reagan is definitely not anywhere near as bad as today's weird woke left make him out to be however.

  25. I’m not a big fan of Reagan but was he evil? I don’t think so he was just a tool.

  26. He probably bolts for the XFL too after the nfl pink slips him. I hope Cookus can stick in the nfl that would be the best case scenario. Not him leaving for the XFL.

  27. Fun one down the stretch. Happy I stayed up but that is enough sports for one day lol

  28. I watched pro football, college football and college basketball in a dozen hours. ha

  29. They gave me enough money so law school was basically free besides rent for me.

  30. They could go a-10 for all sports and follow UConn to independence for football

  31. Without a on campus stadium football won’t reach consistent highs, and anyone following Temple knows that the city will never let us build one so we should stop worry about football/getting into the ACC

  32. Why did the media and two schools quit calling the game the civil war?

  33. The school presidents dropped it in 2020 basically to say they “did” something about systemic racism without actually doing something about systemic racism, as the name has no linkage to the American Civil War. Literally coined by a UofO head coach in the 30’s

  34. That reminds me of when the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations dropped the Providence Plantations from the official name of the state in 2020.

  35. Oklahoma lost 35-7 in the Big 12 champ game and still made the natty over USC. That always boggled my mind

  36. Wow. Thanks for reminding me about the huge controversy of late November/early December 2003.

  37. The Fiesta Bowl is in the Jiffy Pop Stadium in Glendale. (Where the Arizona Cardinals play home games)

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