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  1. Yeah denso is good, partially owned by Toyota, I actually just bought one of these for my is300

  2. I would straight up listen to all 10 parts, Robert is fun to listen to when he talks about warhammer, I watched all 4 hours of him and his friends playing

  3. What’s the obsession with pedophiles? I saw a car the other day with a large sticker that said “KILL ALL PEDOPHILES.” I mean, I’m no fan of pedos, but the blatant violence fetish is disturbing.

  4. this isn’t the first one of these I’ve seen that’s randomly burst into flames, the YouTuber Gary king jr had his friends new 86 randomly light on fire and the Toyota dealership was trying to blame them for it.

  5. I remember that. I was just a kid and I thought I was so funny and so wished I could was old enough to vote. If I remember correctly the candidate was a old Rhino party candidate that was well known for doing funny stuff like this.

  6. I was just old enough to vote at the time, can neither confirm nor deny voting for Satan

  7. The candidate also set up a burn barrel and burned Bibles in front of a church that was hosting a major international religion conference.

  8. No it’s totally fucked, it’s probably fake, you should just throw it in the garbage

  9. Used to be shane. now his legend is eternally memorialized as a high volume gif.

  10. Are you talking about Shane Davies, the guy getting high? If so I actually went to high school with that guy

  11. Same, I actually saw him a couple of years ago down by 5 corners, still looked exactly the same lol.

  12. Probably an unpopular opinion but dabs ain’t really shit, I get way more blazed off of some good flower

  13. Same. I know edibles affect people differently based on the enzymes present in your liver, and I wonder if it’s similar to wax/concentrates. Dabs just never hit the same for me either.

  14. During the 90’s it was said that my city had the most churches per capita in Canada.

  15. Holy fuck this is probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen

  16. I got banned from a fb horror group once because this woman collected john wayne gacy art and memorabilia. I dont usually get offended by much but i found that pretty disgusting and said so. These people are not heroes or to be admired. I find their stories interesting but never would admire any of them. They are sick people who do evil sick things. They might need help but they should never be free again and especially never made out to be heroes

  17. So that’s where I’m torn because I’d definitely love to own an actual Gacy painting but I definitely wouldn’t be collecting memorabilia or making fan art

  18. Just being real I don’t think you’re looking for a real answer but more of an excuse to argue about it and tell me why I’m wrong, I’m good on that thanks

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