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  1. I remember this happening to AMC in Robbinghood. They said the 110$ calls were OTM when the actual price was around 24$. Algos never go wrong, but the crime. Sigh

  2. It's a shit post yes, but it's still misinformation and a lot of apes that see this will just run with the narrative. If we are going to give people something to fire at Market Makers who game and abuse the system, it better damn well be true.

  3. I'm not sure who's side of this I'm supposed to be on anymore...can someone write the answer on a $20 bill and send it to me? I'm also accepting hints, and wrong answers, on 20s, 50s, and 100s...

  4. Die mysteriously? Please enlighten me on what is mysterious about putting a sackcloth bag over your head, shooting yourself 48 times in the back of the head and falling face first into your pool??

  5. I remember reading about a banker who shot himself twice in the back of the head with a nail gun, which was ruled suicide.

  6. God this sub is actually turned in to the dumbest place on the internet

  7. I just checked, and I'm not subscribed for some reason...that could be it. I re-subscribed lol.

  8. I came here 45 mins after this comment and all your comments were still collapsed for me.

  9. It's so ironic that people in this thread are so closed off to anyone making suggestions to the board.

  10. I think it's a good idea to force people to stop caring about money for at least one day here and there and turn their attention to things that really matter like their families and friends.

  11. In this thread: All the ashamed PHP developers come out of their caves to be appreciated one time this year.

  12. Citadel injected 2b as an “investment” along with point 72 injecting 750m. Ever since that point melvin has found itself on the losing end of every trade, almost like they were set up to have ever bad position possible. I always found that odd until I saw this. If melvin was forced to close in jan 21, it most likely would have taken the HF and MM of arm citadel. Over the past 2 months we have seen the mega size gme shorts/Mm added to the “gov bailout list” with the most recent being Loop Capital (and they ain’t even that big) which is leading me to believe something will go down regarding gme. I think it has something to do with the swaps expiration and how it costs 30x+ more to role over, on top of that we have seen ladder attacks not seen since the sneeze. How the market reacts to gme running I have no clue about. There are strong thesis for both but hey lemme know what u guys think about how all this ties. For the final bit of needed tinfoil into tying this all together we have the 3,2,1 countdown

  13. It costs 30x or more to roll over the swaps? Can you explain that part to me?

  14. Just looked into this further, it seems to be a site wide error and not specific to this report:

  15. What I think is happening here is that they have a formula that does not care if they trading day has ended or not yet.

  16. So many people in this sub have no idea how meme formats work....

  17. Great Analysis, I feel like this pattern will hold true until something happens that triggers a massive 10% drop (or larger).

  18. Be careful using this as a source. If you use it often like I have at work, you'll find it often makes up things and passes them off as solid truths. The devs of openai have acknowledged this short coming.

  19. "Commissioner," wrote Miller to Berkovitz on Oct. 5. "Your dinner bill was $50. For Rasika West. You may send via Paypal to

  20. What kind of wining and dining is that? Make him pay for a 50$ bill? No wonder SBF is going to jail.

  21. Gamestop has no fundamental value and I should keep all my money in the Interactive Brokers account. Ok, buddy Thomas. Most regarded advice ever.

  22. Keep your money with my company even though I dumped a crap ton of shares pretty recently!

  23. Just make sure the IRS gets a cut and it's the same as trading.

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