1. Or affordable healthcare, or well funded education, or allowing any gun control legislation to pass in spite of gun violence being the single leading cause of death in children (yes really)

  2. As a bisexual furry, it does make me happy that I make these assholes miserable just by continuing to exist.

  3. If you are being sincere in asking, I would assume that's the number of votes Trump got in the 2020 Election.

  4. Do you remember when you lost your passion for this kind of work?

  5. As much as I love Trevor, it's undoubtedly the better option for him to die between him and Michael. Trevor is an abhorrent monster, and Michael is a horrible person but not as bad.

  6. Wait... they taught yall about lady parts in sex ed? They just told us about a penis, and don't have sex unless you're OK with getting pregnant and an std... God, my high school was shit...

  7. I don't recall learning a damn thing about sex ed in my school besides a not terribly effective way of getting rid of unwanted boners. I'm sure there's more I am just not remembering, but it couldn't have been effectively taught if that were the case.

  8. Southwest anyway, and a small rural town to no one's surprise.

  9. Hey now, sharks are beautiful awesome creatures. The GOP are more like....the bacteria that make armpits stink.

  10. Plus he wanted to fulfil his fantasy of fucking a hot student before he died

  11. Not gonna lie, I'd love to be in a secluded RV with a Season 1 era Aaron Paul 😏

  12. If you close your eyes, all the problems go away

  13. I appreciate your thought but let’s not resort to insulting Neanderthals. They are infinitely smarter than this bag of whale dicks

  14. Dicks are far too cool to be compared to this guy, he's more like a hemorrhoid

  15. Transphobes quote basic biology because they're too hateful and ignorant to understand advanced biology.

  16. Me with scene from season 2 with Walter and Skyler in the kitchen

  17. I have no idea how a snake looks so cute

  18. Ever see a banana ball python or an angy hognose? Those are top tier adorable

  19. And I’m pretty sure you can’t just get bottom surgery without any other transitioning steps having been done, and having been on hormones for a long time. I mean you might be able to get bottom surgery but I’m not sure there are many surgeons who will do it if you ask on a whim, even for adults.

  20. Even as an adult, it's my understanding that trans people need clearance and recommendation from two or three different mental health professionals and a couple doctors to get bottom surgery done.

  21. What do you think he would wear, one of those ill-fitting cheap suits from Binco or his classic dirty tightey-whiteys/work boots/calculator watch ensemble?

  22. I think he had like brownish blond hair when he was 7 and black in his teen years

  23. You mean when he had dreadlocks? Because as I think Kevin said that was a wig and Jim went bald at the age of 9.

  24. Jon of Many A True Nerd ran into this glitch in one of his play-throughs

  25. I just found out I get p+ for free for a year through t-mobile. I’ve been paying for it like a dumbass for the last 4 months.

  26. Omg this is great! They should really do an anime episode or something in this style in the reboot since they keep referencing the alternate universes.

  27. Imagine Beavis and Butt-Head finding a Death Note, then failing to use it because they can't spell anyone's names as well as introducing a shinigami to Human-world nachos.

  28. Solar power isn’t infinite. The sun will go out.

  29. Theoretically yes, it will go black dwarf by then but the sun will instead go red giant and envelope the earth in about only 5,000,000,000 years, so checkmate liberal. /s though I doubt it's necessary.

  30. Feminism isn't "woman supremacy" if that's what you're thinking, it's the belief men and women and others should be equal. So yes, ideally everyone should be a feminist.

  31. I do prefer beer and dogs. And as a heterosexual man I also prefer a plug over a dildo in my butt.

  32. As a bisexual on antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs I'll just have soda and reptiles with either a dildo, fleshlight, man or woman.

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