1. I just got some of that and dmxe, the dmxe being the only thing I’ve tried thus far, was pretty intense, I’m curious how the fxe will treat me.

  2. I really prefer the effects of DMXE. However, it does take quite a bit longer to fall asleep after DMXE. So not as good as FXE for something to use on a work night

  3. Yea I didn’t expect a totally sleepless night. I also have fxe I haven’t dove into yet. Was wondering if thr stimulation would be as bad afterwards.

  4. Insufflated, and 200mgs over about half hour-45 minutes

  5. Daam, strong dose. How was the trip? Also how long did it last

  6. Longer than I expected, I was advised it was double the dose of k, so figuring it regularly takes me 400 mgs to hole, I went with 200, very strong underestimation, I was fucked for way longer than I wanted to be

  7. Anytime anybody (unless of course you send them to a testing service) says that acid is 150+ug, just assume they're hovering around 100ug.

  8. Well you shouldn't have used the word stupid, but you are absolutely right

  9. The word I used was actually naive. I edited my comment up top too

  10. If you don’t know how to iv drugs you shouldn’t be attempting it. If someone didn’t hit me the first time I would have never known what I was doing. I’m not gonna give you advice on how to shoot it. Don’t do it if you don’t know what do to. Yoh could miss and cause a massive infection/abscess and if you’re alone and first time iv what if you overdose.

  11. only done acid twice. international trip. plans on taking it before the wheels are up. believes they know how many mikes are on a tab

  12. I know. Thinks it’s realistic that a half a tab has 100-150 mics….

  13. I know. And it’s quite obvious from the few downvotes I’ve gotten that people have 0 idea how truly potent lsd is. That’s like the people that say they ate a 10 strip of 150ug tabs, thinking they ate 1.5 mgs of lsd and were able to walk or function normally. It boggles the mind.

  14. I’m on 2x monthly on averhealth in Massachusetts. And last month they tested me 4x in two weeks. It happens occasionally.

  15. Yes you should be good. Idk why these probation officers act like it’s their first time giving a drug test. It clarifies that a faint line is a negative, it really has no bearing on levels in your system. If it was negative on the cup, and 11 days ago, you’re fine.

  16. IVing coke will lead to less viable shot sites in the way that you fein doing it and tend to do it over and over again in short periods of time. Cocaine became my drug of choice after over a decade of heroin use, the rush is so addictive it just takes over.

  17. With tolerance 100 mg was decent for me but nowhere close to floored

  18. I have 500 mgs, I was gonna try and see if I can get close to a hole with it. Was it as “warm” as I’ve heard a ton of people say?

  19. Yeah so warm and psychedelic. I saw crystals shooting down on me from the sky while meditating on my balcony. My fave disso

  20. They do not work. All detox drinks are for, is putting vitamins and minerals back in your urine after you drink a ton of water, so you don’t come up diluted. And even then you still need like at least 48-72 hours of abstinence to have even the smallest shot.

  21. Fuckkk 🥵😍 I’d do anything for some BTH out here but it’s only fent now in my state

  22. As far as i know, there is fent in black tar as well now.

  23. Yes there is but it’s 100x better than straight fent. I love heroin

  24. This is true, I stopped getting high when it became strictly fentanyl in the northeast. Shot dope for 12 years never came close to an od, then in 2013-2014 went out like 4 times in a month. Having to do a shot every two hours instead of one in the morning and not getting sick till later that night.

  25. I’ve heard that. Even for first time use ? Max like 5-8 hits

  26. Yea doesn’t really matter what time use it was. I mean granted, if you were clean for months, and just had the one time use, usually doesn’t stay in that long. When I was on probation before medical marijuana was legal, I would smoke a bowl every Friday and be clean by Monday night on dipstick tests.

  27. All that risk to get stoned. I don’t get it. I get how people are strung out physically addicted or have had chronic addiction issues with hard drugs in the past. I guess I’d even understand if somebody died or something. It just seems like I’d be fucking suicidal if I went back to prison to smoke weed once.

  28. I quit in November and I have my med card. I quit for a job and never went back to it. I just don’t even want the stress

  29. okay, and i won’t be like immediately arrested if it comes back as a false positive before being sent out for confirmation?

  30. No, you won’t be immediately arrested. And I take benedryl and Tylenol regularly and have never caused a false positive. And I’ve been being tested on probation for the better part of 5 years.

  31. Unless it’s a stipulation to have and keep a job, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen, you’re fine

  32. It says to work faithfully as far as possible. Whatever that means.

  33. Exactly what it sounds like. They can’t violate you for wanting to further your career, or switch jobs.

  34. N-bome could be deadly , ive personally had a bad experience with it and wouldnt touch it again. Gave me the worst most anxious trip of my life.

  35. Damn who sells you 120mg of FXE or 28mg of O-PCE.

  36. No sale, came as samples in my last order, and the 2fdck is left over from a ball

  37. Yea my tolerance is up there with like k, and 2fdck, wondering what a comparable dose would be if it takes like 300 to hole on what I mentioned

  38. Fxe start with 30mg and work your way up from there. Though I have a high tolerance and can take 100mg with a moderately strong effect, so it really depends.

  39. Yea I have a high tolerance as well, like 300 mgs 2fdck and ket is where I’m at.

  40. And where can I find this info please and thank you

  41. Already done. The sources available still need some sort of verification to order the precursors.

  42. If we translate your comment, it essentially reads;

  43. Brother, if you took harmalas on their own, you’re saying you’d feel something crazy? Harmalas are

  44. You’re not going to budge. Even the other commenters told you one has nothing to do with another. Listen to what you read on erowid, who could be some clown just writing a trip report just like you. Goodluck “scientist”

  45. Isn’t this from the mockumentary they had on like history channel or discovery?

  46. Seriously they don't want anyone smart. Guy sued for being rejected for a 125 iq.

  47. I nodded off in a computer chair with my armpit on the armrest and lost feeling in my hand from the elbow down for like 4-5 weeks.

  48. Workers comp, but I’m pretty sure they don’t like it because insurance premiums could go up.

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