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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Fuck you man. You're only alienating people with, "take off the clown makeup and put on your adult panties and advocate for yourself." We've been doing that... it works only so well. And we've been fucked over by capitalism too! If you've got nothing to lose, let me see you throw a brick or set something on fire. Gen Z can't even be bothered to vote, which may help get some of the corporate power and white supremacists out of our government. You're never going to upend the current system by complaining about it and advocating for yourself, you may have to actually sacrifice something to get the changes you (we) want.

  2. Dan Durston has some of the best packs and tents in my opinion. Simple, stripped-down, highly functional, lightweight. Then Enlightened Equipment for a sleeping bag. Haven't regretted anything from either company...

  3. Plaza coffee shop on 29th was the best Korean food ever!

  4. Truly the worst mosquitos I've ever experienced. Thankfully a heavy storm blew in late afternoon. We sat in tents listening to rockslides and thunder until it let up. Such an incredible place...

  5. The 24-hour news cycle and outlets like CSPAN had significant impacts on the political landscape. With governmental proceedings visible to the public, as well as news media dedicated to tracking and publishing details of each legislator's efforts, there became fewer opportunities to work across the aisle to get things done. Even if X bill is good for the country or a select group of constituents, if it doesn't align with the party-platform or a legislator's campaign promises, they can't make a deal with another legislator to get it passed. There is a lot less room for compromise when everything is on record...

  6. We did that once JFK and then corporates assassinated him for standing up for workers and civil rights.

  7. Also because he made public statements about drawing down the US commitment in Vietnam - the military industrial construct needed a war to sell their products. LBJ immediately deepend the US commitment...

  8. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has Elk University on their site, fwiw

  9. How to talk to your cat about gun safety. It's just as good if she doesn't have a cat since she has a sense of humor. Good luck!

  10. Lots of good suggestions so I’ll add smoked salmon and canned fish. We like to overnight dungeoness crabs ahead of us when we visit family, but crab is kind of our thing.

  11. The most symbolic thing about Arlington is that it was built on Robert E Lee's former estate. Not sure about the circle, but they definitely weren't going to let him forget the dead...

  12. Not really a paradox. The easiest way to think about it is that a totalitarian government is ran by criminals. It's not stealing or murder if it's seizure or captial punishment.

  13. It's not about who runs the government, but who enables it. Ordinary people proffer any government's power, because the politician's law means nothing unless someone enforces it. By and large, the soldiers, scientists, bankers, lawyers, farmers and factory workers are not criminals, but participants in a social construct. That social construct, the culture that is created and nurtured by the government will however commit acts of violence to enforce compliance. Any one of those actors can and will be sent to the gulag regardless of their role or standing. Definitely a paradox when free actors support the organism that oppresses them.

  14. It's not like that. Look up "DIMPLE" and try to see through the eyes of the people that have lived in those kinds of places. Even good people do horrible things when it means survival. They don't have a clue about our notions of understanding and questioning authority because they are not allowed one.

  15. We're talking past each other... you made the same point I did. I agree that free actors participate in their own subjugation specifically because they have to survive.

  16. While they weren’t interconnected, the Belgians also boasted significant fortifications (Eben Emael etc.) expected to withstand - at least significantly delay- a German invasion. This “unconquerable” fortress was ultimately seized by glider-borne engineers and infantry in one of the first modern era SOF missions. Furthermore, the British and French wanted to put troops into Belgium to meet an expected German advance, but were denied.

  17. Not sure they were denied access... maybe before the war, but Allied armies in fact advanced into Belgium and set up a defensive line along the Dyle and Meuse rivers.

  18. Mountain Sports Outlet in Keystone isn't far, I've had some good success there in past. Good luck!

  19. I'm sorry about the year you've had. It's hard to believe what you and millions of others have lost due to the pandemic. I also think it's important to challenge public orders that have direct impact on people's livelihoods!

  20. Or just ask for some pictures of what she likes, bring one of her rings to the jewler, and dont let your proposal be some big secret. There should be no doubt about the answer, or if she likes the ring before you propose. The way you propose can be a surprise, but the decision to bond yourself to someone forever should never be in doubt. This is not a pro tip.

  21. If we distract them with the Lost Creek then that will keep them out of the Indian Peaks

  22. You said the quiet part out loud! Definitely a great route and area, did a 60 mile loop there early last June. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Apparently not bullshit... total guess but maybe dosing pain meds to babies is difficult/problematic?

  24. EDP is essentially an advance purchase lift ticket, one or the other is required for uphill access. You should expect to pay $3-500 for 2 people to ski for one day, rentals included.

  25. I lived through something similar and felt the same things for quite awhile. Probably about 12 months before the worst was past. The only thing that helped was time, and meeting someone new. Still hurts every now and then, but you'll start to forget. You wont hate her as much, and you'll stop breaking down. Eventually. Just go easy on the drinking, find small rituals that you enjoy, and keep telling yourself that it will get better, because it will get better. It's just going to suck for a bit... sorry.

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