1. I have milk tea on a daily basis because its one of my favourite drinks, so i wanna ask if it makes us gain body fat percentage by a noticeable amount because I’m trying to get visible abs?

  2. longest rest time is 3 minutes for the OHP and the warmup squat

  3. I was keeping mine at 1 minute between sets, except I'd allow myself 2 minutes before the squat set. I also had very few warm-ups. In fact, I only warmed up for the squat.

  4. same, only have warmup set for the OHP and the squat

  5. with Ramadan coming up, I was wondering if meal replacement bars are worth buying to supplement my real food during the night

  6. How do I cut some fat out of my diet? I want to only eat 20g of fat because I wanna minimize fat gain.

  7. "I take 20g of protein powder a day but im stil making no gains, what's happening? (i barely eat and don't go gym btw)"

  8. your sleep is more important to your gains than a caffine buzz lol

  9. atm it's been like 4 meals a day for at least 4kc lol

  10. Aldi sell 125g bags of cashews for ~70p and each bag has 760c

  11. Hey I'm another tall guy about a month into his bulk (6'5). I'm kinda hoping 90kg will be the point where at least the bulk starts to show on my body (currently at 76kg). What was your process like in terms of when you actually starting feeling satisfied with how your weight looked? Thanks!!

  12. iirc it was prolly when i broke my 3 week plateu of 96kg and hit 98.7

  13. don't worry about per meal lol, worry about per day

  14. Don't cut in Ramadan you'll lose A LOT of muscle I made that mistake two years in a row, it's better just to eat as much as you can and work to maintain your muscle

  15. easy and cheap calories, fats and protein lol why stop

  16. you could count it as still day 1 instead of day 2, since you haven't slept yet

  17. To be honest I'm not yet I've just been going to the gym 5 days a week abs using 5 or 6 machines at a time and run for 15 minutes after. I think I'm going to book a pt for one session so they could suggest one that's probably my best bet?

  18. or, and hear me out on this one, read the FAQ for free

  19. the mirror would be a better place to ask this question

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