1. I did notice the cracked stat line at lvl 20 yes... But with the way weapons work in PF2e you wouldn't really have a pure dex build anymore, would you?

  2. Well that depends, besides ranged weapons that only use dex to hit, most classes that want to use dex in melee like swashbuckler, rogue or investigator have class features to deal more dmg without needing strength

  3. Surprised how many people would never play/voted 1/10 on the summoner, always seemed to me like the most interesting class since I’ve first looked at them (now that was before the Thaumaturge was released but still)

  4. [Reposting a comment I made earlier about expecting this to happen]

  5. What’s the point of having an unknown character if it’s not gonna be an unknown character :7818:

  6. To have it be revealed later? Chekhov’s Gun.

  7. Chekhov’s Gun means that every element in a story has to have a reason and be important, therefore the stranger has a reason because it’s why Josuke dresses how he does even if we don’t know his identity

  8. Why is it that everywhere I go people are praising this art and artist, the guy draws CP for fucks sake

  9. Out of the non modded ones for sure, and chose it also because it’s super close to mine irl too (I kinda wanna cosplay her in like 2 or 3 years)

  10. Fun fact, monster manual page 8:

  11. Smh you guys don’t get it the stupid regions have smaller wizard to normal people ratio then smart regions (UK), this is so simple smh /s

  12. Calling this the average 196 user implies that anyone on here has a boyfriend.

  13. I remember seeing a collection of pictures how the game is too woke now and half of them were just ads with black people on them nothing out of the ordinary but it really shows what these people are really angry about

  14. 196 users realising you have to show bad people doing bad stuff for the audience to be convinced they aren’t good

  15. Yeah, was kinda surprised there were deities who can’t have champions, thought if there are neutral ones they would at least let you be NG or NE

  16. I'd recommend fighter with cleric dedication to grab Deadly Simplicity and some spells (invisibility is a solid granted spell from Ng). Since gauntlets are a free-hand weapon, you can benefit from both duelist (weapon + free hand) and dual-wielding fighter feats which opens up a lot of flexibility, plus you can still perform combat maneuvers like grapple and trip that a dual-shortsword fighter couldn't with their hands full.

  17. Oh wow thanks, didn’t even think about duelist feats, I think this is the type of build that I was interested in, only gaining Deadly simplicity at lvl 4 is a bit late for me but I can deal with it. I think I might go with this idea

  18. i can’t believe the woman that used the n word multiple times on social media as a grown adult in the last few years would also barely avoid saying it on live stream

  19. she made a song about "cancel culture" in the last two months

  20. Joining Traveler in the small club of 'RPGs where your character can die before you finish character creation.'

  21. They used a screenshot from the remake, no shit he doesn’t remember it, because he didn’t do that one

  22. I was making a second edition character and loved the idea of a devotion phantom eidolon

  23. I do wonder how deities and being lovers works in Pathfinder. For Shelyn and Sarenrae, it feels like it could make sense for them to engage in romance; they are less esoteric than some of the others. But in the case of Desna, who is pretty much a benevolent Lovecraftian Outer God… I don’t really get how something like that could experience sexuality or romance.

  24. I mean since she takes form of a humanoid and is how she shows up in her art with Shelyn and Sarenrae I assume she can comprehend human feelings and emotions and has them too so she can form relationships. I think it’s more of gaining the traits of a person when being one (I don’t know much about the lore so that’s how I see it)

  25. Isn't detective a word in most languages? Pretty sure polish is one of them

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