1. That looks a lot like a Shrunken Head to me. They usually came from South America (Amazon Rainforest) and tribe leader used to hang then on their necks to scare the enemies.

  2. I'm born and raised in Seattle and I definitely feel the Seattle freeze even though I've been here my entire life. I'm in a really weird spot (24 yr old) where I lost touch with college friends and old high school friends. To make matters worse I spent the last 6 years in another WA city 1hr 30mins away from Seattle. The freeze comes in waves.

  3. Same here! My wife and I (both 25) lost touch with ALL of our college/high-school friends, since then, it's been pretty hard to meet some truly nice people where we live.

  4. I moved from the Mountain West to Minnesota for grad school and have been (mostly) there ever since—coming up on 20 years now. I’ve never thought it was harder to make friends in Minnesota than anywhere else I’ve lived. Minnesotans tend to be a little more introverted and have a lot of friends and family in the area occupying their time, but I found them to be more friendly and sincere than, e.g., Utah, where people can be in-your-face friendly but not really sincere about it. Sure, you’ll have to put up with some passive aggressive behavior because Minnesotans are adverse to confrontation, but it’s never been a real annoyance in my experience.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for letting us know your experience!

  6. In most states she would do a bill of sale to you as a gift or family transfer.

  7. Ooooh that actually makes sense! Thanks a lot!

  8. I wouldn't go 'zero tech' knowledge straight into cloud learning. You should learn about the bare metal components which powers the cloud.

  9. Dang, thanks for the heads up! I will be starting my journey today, this will help a lot.

  10. Skip the CCP, it's pointless .. focus your efforts on SA Associate (SAA-C03)

  11. Yeah I heard everyone talking about these demos. Will definitely put some time into it. thanks for the tips!!

  12. I'm so dumb. I guess I duplicated the about.html so I had 2 of them, and the one that I was using, of course had to be the wrong one.

  13. Remember to use ctrl + F5 to reload the page.

  14. Oh! I think I know this one because it happened to me. I ended up having to call them and sit on hold for like 3 hours.

  15. God dammit you're a hero! That's definitely it! Thank you so much!!

  16. No, you don't have to worry about it until September or October 2022, with it being actually due on December 2022, that is unless your registration expires December 2023.

  17. I know, but you get what I'm saying right? If I have the option, the money and the time to renew right now, why would I wait until the last days or weeks? Not trying to be rude here, it's just that people are damn nosy sometimes lol

  18. Simplify it a bit, but def Rik4. Prolly remove that circle up top

  19. You're right! I'll remove that circle and maybe try to put the 4 a little closer to the K. Thanks bro!

  20. Get rid of the under line and side lines. There’s consistency in the letters but nothing unique about it. Also trying using a chisel tip marker instead of a pen.

  21. I understand. I'll try it out, thanks!

  22. You'll be better by creating a new channel tho, it does not really matter that you have 1.4k subs there and I will explain why.

  23. maybe try keeping everything the same size and then try extending them

  24. I started doing some throwies yesterday and had a lot of fun. Will be practicing my tag today tho! Thanks

  25. Oh shit! Didn't know about that channel! Thanks a lot

  26. Your bank is highly unlikely to physically inspect the car - they will ask questions like it's year, make, model, and possibly about condition and whether it's been involved in an accident. You should answer truthfully. If there really is some sort of dispute over whether the damage to your bumper substantially changes the value of the car a letter from the body shop that did the repair saying there is no additional un-repaired damage would be plenty to settle that.

  27. I’m understand! Thanks for letting me know!

  28. You're also refinancing on the existing debt, not the value of the car.

  29. You guys are great! thanks for the information.

  30. Florida your course is good for one year from passing the class test. That being said, why delay? The material is fresh and studying will be easiest if you take the state test sooner than later.

  31. Thank you so much for the information! I was wondering during because I come from another country so I'm having to take my GED at the same time, and I feel like I'll finish that a few weeks after

  32. Really well done but really intrigued to see how those colours heal and hold up over time.

  33. Thank you man! The Girl did a very good job mixing the colors to match Patrick's body. I think as long as I take good care of it, it should hold up very decently.

  34. I could tell it was fake by the sound of the gunfire...and the people standing around...and the fact that its Brazil and there weren't immediately like 200 other people shooting back.

  35. I can’t tell about the gunfire sound, but I can guarantee you that people DO stand around just like that. Lol if it’s a movie, it’s pretty accurate tho

  36. They should upvote your comment I guess lol. You’re the 25-30 button

  37. I’m glad I’m not the only one that replies the scammers to waste their times

  38. I made a post about this and how I felt the community gatekeeps alot and I got a bunch of flack because everyone was saying it wasn’t being gatekept but individuals should do their own research instead of asking others for help.💀 so I deleted the post because wtf

  39. Yeah, it's absolutely toxic, and I was completely blindsided by it. There are writers who are supportive of other writers, then there are writers who love to tear other writers down. I had a tearing down experience that had killed my desire to work on my second novel for a while. I asked for advice on just good advertising companies, that was it, and got bombarded for being "naive" and "clueless" about publishing. They hadn't even been given any information about my novel or what experience I do have. I'm not a sensitive person, unless I'm dragged down my passion. I don't ask for advice anymore. I'd rather do it on my own, and fail, than let some random people I don't know kick the motivation out of me. What they don't know is that I have crippling chronic dissociation from PTSD and it takes me so much effort to do anything at all. I won't let them take away my achievement that I published a freaking book, after everything that I've been through. I did it, I'm so proud of myself, and I'm so proud of every writer that does it too. Hell, I'm proud of the writers who just dream about it. Why does the world of storytelling have to be so malicious and vile? It doesn't. So do your blogs and love every second of it. Take their opinions and throw them away. Success should be defined by happiness , and the only thing we need to do to make it so, is declare it. I'm declaring it now. And whatever negative comments I get from this, you take those words and shove it. I'm not letting that control my passion anymore, and you shouldn't either OP! Blog your heart out.

  40. HELL YEAH!! I would give you an award if I wasn’t broke :) you’re totally right, I’m my eyes you’re definitely a winner already! Look at all that you’ve been through already! Most of people don’t even get close to that

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