1. This crap is getting so old. Ain’t even enjoyable to watch anymore

  2. I feel the exact same way you do. ER and Weller just not worth all the hype.

  3. Spotted Owl cocktail bar in Tremont Rocky River wine bar if you like win, a little more expensive.

  4. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t enjoy it. It’s okay, but not really as spicy or bold a flavor as I was expecting for a “double rye”

  5. Oh I’ve got a couple that look like that before. Just wasn’t a place to order an old-fashioned, I guess you just Gotta know the right place to order it and when did just get a beer

  6. It was not for me either. The peppercorn taste was way too overpowering for me. I’m glad I tried it in just a little sample bottle like you did.

  7. I’ve only had the 1910 and the 1920. Liked the 1910 but really enjoyed the 1920.

  8. How would you compare the two? I need to try the 1920.

  9. I thought that the 1910 was going to be my everyday until I tried the 1920, haven't looked back. The best in their lineup imo

  10. Well I’ll have to grab the 1920 next !!!

  11. Incredible man! Looks like a trip of a lifetime.

  12. If I was going to guess, I'd say this got deleted because a bottle of Double Rye! stole a moderator's girl.

  13. Just wanted to chat about it and see what others think. I’m not a connoisseur of whiskeys by any means, figure no one wants my review lol.

  14. Margs at $8 are a buy all day! Can only go up from there!

  15. So rare! Anytime I find one on tap, I gotta get it and try it.

  16. No desire to go back there. Would rather not feel like a sack of sh*t for two days after eating there.

  17. I really like the highland park. Have not tried the others

  18. Can’t wait to hear about the Highland Park 12! I’ve never gotten to try it

  19. Oh just had some last night and I really liked it. Some subtle smokiness at the end, very drinkable.

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