1. PETA huh? The same who cried over The Greatest Showman and wanted it boycotted? Just cause there was CGI animals in it? And their claims of it glamourizing a dead man that nobody thinks about?

  2. Spontaneous and don’t let comfort take over. Most couples will get together and sit and eat and do absolutely nothing cause of comfort and no longer effort. Make effort and do things you would do as you were single.

  3. I generally think they are off putting, but not because of stigma but because I get tired of something, like I just would never myself commit to that on my body that’s permanent cause I get bored very quickly. If people are happy with their tattoos then by all means.

  4. I have cut her off. Completely. Sometimes I wonder if I should reach out - but I KNOW it’s not in my best interest. But this was supposed to be a person by my side, ya know?

  5. Reaching out is not a bad thing in my opinion. If you genuinely miss this person and think your life is awful without them in it, then I would say by all means. Sometimes people just need to cool off, but if the person is actively toxic and not a true friend then don’t bother.

  6. I never understood why woman got riled and or were willing to ruin friendships over things like being a MoH, same with well wedding related in general overall. It’s only a one day event, and just like that it’s forgotten. Life goes on. I don’t think you were wrong in cutting the chord, but I think communication would’ve fared better. Never promise when you can’t keep, communication is always key.

  7. This has a chance to be something fun because Nicole Kidman and Zac were good in the paper boy if you forget that gross peeing weird scene AND IF they can write a good script but I’m REALLY not feeling the Joey King casting throw in another a list in there Emma, Margot idk but not Joey king

  8. I wonder which 1D member threw him up against the wall

  9. I have shipped plants that took a week or so in postage when we had lots of covid lockdowns. The weather was cool and plants made it ok. If they were pretty clean and healthy plants they should be ok. A week is not far off 10days. Mould will be the issue for frogbit as the leaves are thick and they contain alot of moisture.

  10. when I sent them out they were a nice vibrant green hate that there is a delay cuz it should be quicker than 7 days or 7 the longest That makes me feel bit more confident

  11. Same. Especially cause the way they talk to OP their SO.

  12. Not putting up with bullshit from someone who does not share the same morals as you =/= lonely virgin.

  13. Seriously. It’s that simple. Not a hard concept to grasp. Toxic relationships aren’t worth time.

  14. I was listening to a pop culture podcast and one of the hosts who is a self proclaimed Swiftie never knew or heard about the Jonas Brothers song Much Better where Joe references Taylor pretty clearly. It made me wonder if a lot of people don’t know that since the general public prob didn’t listen to Jonas Brothers music like that lol.

  15. didnt joe have a song about taylor years later and a taylor lookalike in his music video missing her or am i on drugs

  16. I used to worry about this, but now I run inkbird temp controllers on all my tanks so I don't have to worry at all. It's only like $35 and will keep the temp within 1° of what you want so that's another perk. And since it has its own temp probe it will be more accurate at reading the tank's temp since you can place it away from the heater in the tank. Worth the investment in my opinion.

  17. I thought about Inkbird but I think one YouTuber still had a fire with it but I have to double check. I’m gonna look into it.

  18. Do you have plenty of bubbles for oxygen exchange?

  19. Yeah, got a hob running, plus a sponge filter then I also have another air stone with no stone attached just the tubing going on next to the filter

  20. Dang, I’m at a loss… keep me updated, I’ll have to deep dive sometime with you if you’d like!

  21. I thought I was going to lose one of the adults, but so far the remaining 8 adults are OK, hopefully it remains. Now every now and then I’m losing young babies like, basically they’re probably about 1-2 month old so not sure why every now and then the baby dies.

  22. UPDATE: I think she made it! I found some skin near the moss balls…. That I’m pretty sure wasn’t there and the gap I think is gone thank the holy heck.

  23. One of my shrimp had that and she was fine. She was just getting ready to molt. Hoping for the best!

  24. I really hope so it’s always my favourite ones that I lose :(

  25. Does your tap water contain chlorine? Are you using prime?

  26. I’d leave the heater in, that temp is fine, maybe drop a degree or two but shouldn’t be causing any problems. How old are your shrimp and how frequently are they dying. If it’s just every once in a while I wouldn’t worry to much, shrimp live around a year so it could just be older shrimp passing. If it was water issues or condition issues it would effect the whole population

  27. I’m not sure of the age they are quite big in size, I got no males atm, but all the females when I got them were berried and had their babies but I even found a few baby deaths when they looked to be about ~1 month old now (2 babies)

  28. I'd say your top off's are too fast. Slow it right down. My water top ups are about 1 ML per 5 seconds. They take hours and hours to complete, but I don't lose shrimp.

  29. It is super slow, like I do 1 drip that takes a very long time, I think it usually takes a day. I did end up speeding it up though, maybe I should keep it slow.

  30. If you are not water changing and only topping off, and using tapwater, the TDS, KH and GH isn't staying the same but slowly climbing. You should be using RO for top offs or changing water.

  31. My water is pretty much like RO water it’s too soft. There is barely any minerals in it, gh and KH are barely 1 and tds is usually 14

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