1. Korean spas are open! That’s where I’m going. I could drive down to a Friendsgiving in SD but I’m tired and don’t have money for a hotel overnight. You can stay all day at the Korean spas - hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, cafe, massage, etc. Most people go alone anyway so it’s not weird at all.

  2. Spa Palace, Spa LA, and Crystal Spa are all good ones. I’d say Crystal spa is a tiny bit more expensive. But they’re all good!

  3. I’m pretty sure half of them want to and that’s where a lot of this is coming from 🤭

  4. Looks good, I love the upper levels! I would add a second potty but that’s just because my bunnies are lazy and they tend to be much cleaner with two when there’s this much space. Also I second the previous suggestion of adding some bamboo or willow sticks to chew on 😊

  5. My bunny just passed yesterday, do u have any advice that u have gained in the past 47 days. I don’t feel like living anymore

  6. Hey there, wow I am so sorry for your loss. First of all, there is an entire community here that totally gets what you’re going through. It’s not too much and you’re not overreacting. When Peppers passed, it was as if my baby had passed. Here’s a few things I’ve learned here and from some other bunny communities online.

  7. I'm so so sorry to hear that you've lost your bun :( It's been nearly a year since I lost one of mine and it was incredibly difficult at first, but it does get better!Something I found that helped with the grief was having a way I could always remember him. I ended up planting a banana tree over his grave and everytime I go out and see it flourishing, it makes me happy seeing that he is still living in a way.

  8. 😭I’m sure they’re binkying together and doing zoomies. I like the plant idea, I’m going to look into something similar.

  9. My bunny passed two months ago. He was two years old. I spent over $12k on surgeries and medical care for his liver disease but ultimately it took his life. I miss him every day. OP I’m sorry but the next few weeks are going to suck. But just know the more it hurts to lose, the deeper your love for Badal was. And that’s beautiful. It’s okay to feel the anger and sadness. All my love to you and Badal 💐

  10. I’m never fully sold on a date or prospect after only one or two dates. So actually yes, I prefer they just ghost. I have other candidates and I don’t need to know why they didn’t feel a vibe with me. It’s all fair game until like 5 dates in IMO. I kinda feel like it hurts more when they list out the reasons, etc. Just let me assume they met someone else and move on.

  11. My bunny does this because he prefers to eat off the floor lol. Everything taste better from the floor to a bunny. Have you seen those oxbow plastic eggs that you fill with pellets and the bunny can push it around and pellets fall out? It makes eating pellets interactive lol

  12. My bunny had two liver surgeries and lost a ton of weight. I started giving him a handful of alfalfa and he put on weight like a champ. It’s like “treat hay” so his pooping improved too. My fav brand is the Viking Farmer on Amazon. Super fresh, curated for animals to eat.

  13. Oh yeah, shared it there. It's a very soft handful and she likes a dewlap massage

  14. Absolutely the right decision. Go with your gut. May I suggest a therapist to help you thru the next couple months? I just got out of an abusive relationship and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. My therapist has helped a lot. Be kind to yourself, you deserve to be happy.

  15. Yeah, I think you need to consider what this is forecasting for the rest of your relationship. What will happen with the wedding? Is she going to want to have whatever religious ceremony her daddy wants? If you have children, will she allow her parents to teach them sexist nonsense to keep the peace? Or does she have certain boundaries she won't cross? You gave her a suggestion to make yourself feel more comfortable with this situation, is she going to dismiss other things that will make you happy if they're nontraditional?

  16. Agreed. She’s 30 and allowing her dad to dictate things in their relationship. It comes down to a difference in values. That’s hard to change or compromise on. My bf and I have similar issues that have us holding off on marriage for now. His family is super involved in our relationship and I am the total opposite with my family. It feels like I’m dating his mom and sister at the same time because I have to constantly compromise to please them.

  17. My boyfriend (he’s Indian) and I (American) traveled abroad recently and he kept staring at all the women. He had just come back from india and we were meeting in Mexico to then fly back to the US. He was like fully checking them out in front of me. Literally anyone under 50. I asked him about it and he said he thought it was rude not to stare….??? I hate when he comes back from his india trips because he always seems so much more sexist. Idk how to explain it. It’s like something switches in his brain and he’s no longer the intelligent, ethical man I fell in love with.

  18. I told my husband as we were leaving that situations like that are part of the reason I never wanted kids. I know that there are stay at home dads and many dads that really do a good job but I feel like the women majority of the time get saddled with taking care of the kids 100%. I’m sure I’m jaded but that’s what I always see. I always knew that could never work for me.

  19. That’s what I always see too. Even with my family and friends. The mom does all the work while the dad explores his interests and continues on like he doesn’t have kids. I want to see a different situation but I never do.

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