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  1. What kind of abomination is this class room? You have a TV mounted to a whiteboard with terrible cords everywhere and a projector screen above that.

  2. You are comparing two totally different type of products. The phantom is a very high end speaker with a crystal clear sound.

  3. While Sonos is very expensive the system just works. I’ve had many different speakers around the house and the Sonos never need reset or just randomly stall. Plus they’ve been supported forever. Your money is going to a pretty decent speaker with great support and features

  4. mine can be at max of 2 day + 10% left. how did you achieve 60 hours?

  5. Yeah my ultra is pretty much a max of two days as well. I can probably make it to the next morning but it will definitely die on the way to work

  6. I’m pretty sure this is just exclusive with Apple TVs

  7. The thing about ninja gaiden was it was super hard but seemed fair. If you died it was because you weren’t perfect. I play some of these souls games and people see me through walls. Hit me through walls and half the people that beat the games seem to basically glitch their way to victory. Ninja gaiden is a different beast!

  8. I have an alien and I turned on the HomeKit features for a while and a ton of products have issues with not being able to ping outside servers. It really caused a lot of issues for me

  9. I actually just saw that my G2H can add the FP1 now but I don’t see it as an option in the Aqara app. Does it just pop up if I buy one or where do you see it?

  10. Sure: there’s a Meross smart outdoor outlet, which is triggered by the Eve Motion Sensor. The Akoma dog heater is plugged into the smart outlet and will turn off after 20 mins if no motion detected. It also has a thermostat to avoid overheating the pup. Motion also triggers some outdoor lights around the dog house. The puppy cam is just a EufyCam 2 Pro (which is wireless and battery powered). Very happy with it so far!

  11. I bought some solar panels for my eufy cams and I never have to charge them anymore. It’s great. You can get them pretty cheap on Amazon. It will at least save you from going in there to recharge it

  12. Oh that’s neat! I’m sick of charging the ones on the outside of my house. Zipping right over to Amazon now…thanks!

  13. Yeah then there is a setting in the Eufy app to charge from solar. Really made me a lot happier having them

  14. Twinkly makes HomeKit enabled outdoor lights

  15. Everything else seems fine. Games work fine. No artifacting no color shift time spy runs my no problems but I've just been getting odd behavior out of steam. It's even worse sometimes than what's in the video. Almost unusable at times. I've tried to uninstall steam and reinstalling. I've updated the video drivers from Nvidia not Dell. Any ideas or is this a common problem with Windows 11?

  16. It’s ever since I upgraded to the newest nvidia drivers. It freaks out like this on the gog galaxy app login page too.

  17. I have this exact thing on my m15 r5. I’m have no idea what’s going on with it.

  18. Have you tried searching his name on Facebook?

  19. On an iPhone it’s literally one press to record your screen like this. It’s just as easy as taking a screenshot.

  20. Contractors don't make hourly and if we run behind we often lose jobs to in house meaning we lose a good chunk of money

  21. I have never seen dish lines cause issues

  22. Honestly if your Wi-Fi isn’t great through out the house you should buy a mesh wifi system. Systems from netgear, linksys, and google have Ethernet ports on the extra pods that you can plug your tv into. It will fix your Wi-Fi and help your tv. Any other way other than running cat5 from your router to that tv is a waste of time and money

  23. This is the real question. What the hell are these things in the attic lol

  24. So is Swiss miss American? I thought I was buying some primo imported coca. What a scammmmm!

  25. Came to say the same thing! Perfect place for it!

  26. Haha that spaceship router performs like a beast but doesn’t fit with the theme as you rightly pointed out. Will be replacing it with a more aesthetically pleasing router soon as the wife hates it too :)

  27. Mount that thing behind the tv with its squid fingers pointing in all different directions. I’m sure it’ll be fine

  28. Meross. I’ve replaced every wemo switch in my house with a Meross and I’ve had minimal problems.

  29. Meross has been the most solid for me. I didn’t want to invest into another hub. Whatever magic they do for HomeKit is really underrated. They just always work

  30. Half Life for me, never played. Prolly will get 2 at some point though, it's my favorite game. And I want to get Black Mesa too.

  31. I just beat Black Mesa! What a incredible game. I really miss the half life universe. I’m going to play half life alyx here soon

  32. I beat half life 2 on the og xbox and then again in the orange box. I never really tried playing the first half life and I never had a pc powerful enough to play black mesa. I’m still waiting on my deck but I bought a pc a few months back and have been playing some games I missed out on. I didn’t think my deck would be moved up to Q3. I was worried it wouldn’t even be Q4 so I kind of wrote it off

  33. Your up and down arrows are flashing. When I had that it wanted me to reprogram the up and down limits

  34. I’m not sure if it’s the same issue I’ve been having but closing steam has been fixing it for me

  35. well, that seals it, cancelling our Lightning reservation.

  36. They said anyone that has a reservation already gets to keep current pricing

  37. No, anyone with a signed order waiting on their truck gets to keep current pricing. People who have reservations but not signed purchase orders use new pricing.

  38. It does say will receive a private offer. So you’d get something but there is such weird double talk in this press release. Preordering preorders is something else

  39. He started listening to river 14 years ago? But calls in and asks the dumbest questions that basic fans know.

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