1. Yeah you fuckin killed that man! Sounded exactly like the record! -10 points for playing to the censored version tho 😭🀣

  2. LOL its the only one i could find that didnt have any strict copyright (which kinda sux)...but thanks for the kind feedback!🀘🀘

  3. Someone else mentioned the great vibrato and timing. But also great tone!

  4. Awesome playing wow wow.. I wish I could play like you some day 🀘🏼. Btw what guitar is that?

  5. hello...ive been playing for about 15 years..and the guitar im using is the epiphone vintage edition, a very entry level guitar

  6. Nice guitar, I like the tone. You made it sound so good

  7. Thank you...a wise person once told me.."the tone of the guitar lies in the fingers of the player"..

  8. Out of curiosity, how long into your guitar journey before you were nailing solos ?

  9. so it was an on and off journey for me...after around 5 years of playing i just felt that I wasn't getting any better and i rarely play from that point on..until something sparked my passion again...and i relearned everything and fix my bad habits..around 8 years in, i start to notice better control but i was still lacking something: playing in tempo (it was kinda bad)...around 10 years in i have better control and tempo keeping...suddenly i notice a major improvement in my touch (vibrato/bends)...around 13-14 years in, i developed speed and now im able to play things that are above 150bpm (which i once thought was impossible)

  10. I’m coming up on the two year mark and having trouble with quite a few things, mainly timing/rhythm and speed. Anything beside metronome use or playing to backing tracks you recommend for improving in these areas ?

  11. playing with a metronome and backing track is always good. if you want to go beyond that, you can try to develop internal tempo keeping..keeping tempo without click tracks/metronome..(but even i cant do that perfectly)

  12. generally i think u did pretty well..timing still needs work..i know you're most probably thinking about whats the next note going to be/what are my fingers supposed to do next?.. sometimes, this can cause us to free your mind and try letting the notes breathe a little bit more before ending it...also try be be more aware of the beat to start on..dont start too late...

  13. Thank you for the feedbacks! I'll make it mantra for every practice: Follow the beat, feel the beat..

  14. yes...i too struggle with tempo keeping from time to time, even after playing for more than 10 day, i hope be one with the beat! all the best to you🀘

  15. Thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€˜πŸ€˜

  16. thanks! this song is a banger..had fun playing it 🀘

  17. The :21 - :24 section I kept the hand meat on the bridge. I feel like one palm mute note ringing out for almost 3 seconds is way off from what I think most guitars should be. I thought it'd be like a single chug of one second.

  18. we may need higher powers to assist..hand meat may not suffice...calling backup

  19. I will bring a Metal Zone pedal for sacrifice and hope it appeases the guitar gods.

  20. oh yes...a revelation...metalzone accepted....mute...also...using..the...fretting hand....meat

  21. also, if the cheap amp is temporary, get that 350 euro questions asked

  22. Has worked for me bro, each to there own tho.

  23. You should watch Loud Quiet loud to see Kim’s blister.

  24. LOL...ill check it out! Thanks for the warm welcome!🀘

  25. I’d take a stab at the bass track if you are still looking.

  26. yes please. pass me your email thru DM and ill send the files

  27. So… did you transcribe this and want to share? Cuz I’m not opposed to getting that tab.

  28. i didnt tab it out tho..sorry..but theres a lot of YouTube lessons for this solo and i find mosy of it to be quite good 🀘

  29. hello thanks for the support! My YouTube channel is: Bloodstain93. But just fyi, i havent been posting much on YouTube since most of my video quality is crappy. you would find way more content on Reddit itself. thanks again!

  30. If you're interested, just message me your email and I'll send over the track. I will provide both format WAV and MP3. This project is just for fun..I just wanted to see how a real drummer would approach a song like this. I've been using drum machines all this time.. thought this would be interesting. Cheers!

  31. Awesome! and cool sound dude! :) keep posting more! :) Love to see stuff like this :)

  32. Thanks for the warm support dude...yes, i will definitely post more in the future. Thanks again πŸ™πŸ€˜

  33. i appreciate your feedback. thank you 😁🀘

  34. I've been struggling to play clean barre chords for a while and I've been wondering if it's due to my action being too high, my instructor doesn't think so but compared to other guitars it looks like it is (which is what I'm hoping for as I can blame the guitar and not myself for not being able to nail barre chords properly :)

  35. Action looks good actually..try cheking your hand position and your thumb position. Make sure that the thumb is at the middle part (not on top) of the back of the neck..

  36. i wanna say my piece too..but after reading the previous comments, all i cam say is: follow their advice.

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