1. Not at all, primaris marines can wear firstborn helmets, and mk6 armour is still very common unlike mk2-4.

  2. I’ve seen a really great conversion using the quad legs from an Onager Dunecrawler and the torso of an Armiger knight to make something that’s inhuman, but clearly of Human design.

  3. It’s a cool look, but Primarch models are about twice Draigo’s height.

  4. New terminator models are bigger than primaris…

  5. The Lion by my measure is 60mm from foot to top of the helmet wings.

  6. It’s generally not applicable to other dreads. It’s contemptors in particular which are very strong for their cost. Leviathans on the other hand really pay for their power.

  7. I can’t give you a reference, but i believe that not only do the Custodes respect the Grey Knights greatly, they (or possibly just the PoV custodian) fear that they may render the Custodes obsolete, truer sons of the Emperor than even they, who have never failed in their mission unlike the Custodes.

  8. They didn’t choose. The Emperor told them to via visions, and Trajan did not argue.

  9. You shoot at the same time and casualties are removed at the same time. All models from both units get to shoot.

  10. Pretty much everything. I don’t know how you ended up with 3 deathwing terminators but purchase No.1 should be another box of 5 so you can field a legal squad of 8.

  11. Old Badass pistol, that looks to be the Fusil Actineus from his Heresy era gear

  12. £13.50 each? I mean it’s not great but it’s also not the end of the world. Depends on the portion size.

  13. I mean the Fallen are pretty individual on their loyalties. Some of them are straight up Chaos Space Marines and joined the black legion. Others only popped out of the warp yesterday and are still just really fucking confused. And yet others truly do repent.

  14. I mean if you want to be Lore accurate you just cannot have that Captain on Bike w/ chapter master upgrade.

  15. As long as HH is popular, which it is, GW will lose money by stopping firstborn support. As long as kits from both games are playable in the other, they make money from both groups as HH people buy kits from the 40k range and 40k people buy HH kits.

  16. Why would HH players buy from the 40k range? Nothing originally from 40k can be used in heresy (exept for non marine armies like custodes and daemons).

  17. Almost every single plastic vehicle is Heresy Legal and Lore appropriate. As are elements of most firstborn kits, for example to source mass chainswords and bolt pistols. Most firstborn characters wearing artificer armour can also find use in heresy either as is or in kitbashes. DA interrogator chaplains are a good example for that.

  18. Two small armies, games would get pretty repetitive.

  19. Yeah ? They were Native Americans back then ?

  20. Specifically the Deathwing. The original story of why the deathwing wear white armour is about a Marine called Cloud-Runner fighting to liberate his homeworld. The Dark Vengeance terminators still bore some of the eagle feather motifs.

  21. There is a passage where a blood angel, i forget who, while doing some painting accidentally takes a sip of his paint-water instead of his wine while he’s distracted. Which is more of a hobby reference than a tabletop reference but still.

  22. Well as a Dark Angels player, i’m going to make a completely unbiased recommendation for the Dark Angels. Specifically Dark Angels using the Storm of War Row.

  23. Apothecaries can't join units with independent characters. Just an fyi.

  24. Oof, i have an opponent to apologise to then. Thank you.

  25. He’s of a height with Primaris marines, if you include his tactical rock.

  26. My favourite setting is Destiny, so.. like 3? It’s not a non-issue but plenty of the factions in that world are full of paracausal space magic that won’t have too much trouble boiling a space marine.

  27. The Lion would approve. Bonus points if you don’t even know what they mean.

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