1. Used to work for uhaul and was told it will be a warehouse for ubox storage units

  2. No. If you took a 3 credit summer class and transferred it in you would be though

  3. Dude delete this when you sober up.. pretty immature post.

  4. I aspire to be like you. Can you recommend any resources? Books, yt channels, etc

  5. If at all possible I would recommend taking the equivalent at a community college. I took the phy 184 with lab equivalent at LCC and got a 4.0, which I definitely would not have gotten had I taken it here

  6. this is a bit late, but what course number was it at lcc?

  7. Everyone dislikes the parking man. We just gotta deal with it

  8. I swear I’ve been on this. Great Lakes crossing mall, a place called “Jeepers!”. It was basically a Chuck E. Cheese. Circa maybe 2010. Core memory

  9. Same here. I should be qualified for a lot 83 pass but only 89 is listed. I’m hoping it’s not because it’s full

  10. Yup. Someone knocks on my door like this and I'm automatically assuming it's a scam to get in my front door and case the place for a later robbery, or worse, there are drugs in the coffee for nefarious reasons. I'm declining then calling dispatch to report the person as suspicious and why I think that.

  11. Everyone is out to get you and there’s bugs in your skin

  12. Can you do: “A group of gleeful individuals in a music studio busting it down energetically to a rambunctious tune, high resolution photo”

  13. You're lying if you haven't seen something like this in a dream before

  14. Pretty curious how changing those adjectives would affect the results. Like if “splendorous excellent” instead of “wondrous fanciful” would change the output in a significant way

  15. Absolutely floored that dalle could create images that are simultaneously menacing, wholesome, and disconcerting

  16. For anyone else who sees this, lmk if you would like it next

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