1. I have a Strider TAD Dauntless, and i like it!

  2. Why are so many people not using the quick disconnect system on their PCs?

  3. Yes! From TwinFalcons. Quality is surpisingly good for the price.

  4. Do you think it's ok to use it with real plates and weapons? And what about materials? Compared to Agilight?

  5. I bought it specifically for airsoft, so can't comment with actual esperience. Buuuut I've seen and tested a few different Aliexpress-type plate carriers these last couple months and this one is the first I've felt has actual quality.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, in that case I will not consider Emerson

  7. It’s a knock off one off eBay look up pew tactical they make it only piece of gear on this carrier made in China lol

  8. What can you say about pew tac? I am sure that for their price they will be on par with the brands that you use. Although copies are everyone's business.

  9. so cringe, go take them off and put up your country's flag!

  10. How much bile is in the comments from that group...

  11. What can y say about FN FAL? and what the price?

  12. About your rifle. I love FN very much, but I like the para version more

  13. Wanted to upgrade my chest rig for a good while now. Needed something that could go over a carrier but quick to get in & out of, something that won’t interfere with a pack, H Strap because my current Wartech doesnt accomodate them, more pockets, durable, and most importantly? Well shit, it’s the exact same color as my carrier!

  14. I picked up some of the LVLiii+ plates from the sale they had and boy oh boy, those things are l i t e

  15. If I remember correctly, the weight difference between RMA boards is about 700 grams, this is not a big price for protection ...

  16. Oh man, not just a simp, but a teenager who actually pretends to be a Russian conscript. If there was any better proof that you have no idea what you're talking about, it's that you chose to fake being the one thing no one in the world wants to be right now. Jesus man, even Russians know that's not a position to envy.

  17. это не так, ты не знаешь чего хотят Русские, не говори за них

  18. в составе России! сука

  19. Why do you wear your flag on your back? Are you on the moon?

  20. Why do you keep batteries unprotected?

  21. Any real proofs, where he killing americans?

  22. Because China guys can make the good gear for low price

  23. Can you explain, are they somehow related to FOG? Or even their meaning? Or is it just a decoration?

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