1. Is there a chance this is an automatic AI translation? I've seen some terrible ones before.

  2. Es que no lo entiendo. El gentilicio de España es español. El gentilicio de la gente que vive en España es español. Uno se traduce en Spanish, el otro se traduce en Spaniard. Entiendo la etimología, pero no entiendo por qué tenemos que ser los malos nosotros.

  3. El español y el inglés son lenguas diferentes. Una palabra no tiene porqué traducirse de la misma manera desde un idioma a otro en todos los contextos, y hay miles de ejemplos que lo demuestra (como 'conocer' = 'know' y 'meet', o 'owl' = 'buho' y 'lechuza').

  4. For real? That's interesting, considering our own demonym is "Español". It's odd that our own word would be used as an insult for us in another language.

  5. I’ve never got the Mourinho worship. I feel like a chimp would have won premier leagues with all that money, and the football was like watching paint dry. There were empty seats in league games when we were top of the league.

  6. Chelsea in 2004/05 conceded the fewest goals in any English top flight league season ever. Mourinho built the best defence the country has ever seen, and it doesn't look like anyone since is even coming close to it.

  7. It wasn’t a fantastic game, it was just Liverpool battering a broken Barcelona team. It was dramatic for sure, but there was nothing entertaining or fantastic about it.

  8. Come on, it was plenty entertaining, even from a Chelsea perspective. We don't need to be as one-eyed as the scousers

  9. I think Terry was probably slightly better than Frank, but I'd list Lampard as our 'greatest ever player', dunno if that makes sense

  10. Fun fact: The countries or accents speaked with "s" instead "c" and "z" are easier to understand for foreigners, so this map is incorrect

  11. Nowhere is 'easier to understand' for everyone, it all depends on what you're accustomed to.

  12. "Vas a hacer" isn't the same as "Vas a ser"

  13. 'Vas a hacer' and 'vas a ser' sound the same in every Spanish speaking country apart from Spain, that's what I was talking about.

  14. I think that eating that early evening-late afternoon thing is something from the English-Speaking countries mostly.

  15. I think it's a bit more complex than that. In Guatemala for example, the day starts early. Everyone's up by 6am, breakfast before 8, lunch at 12 and dinner around 6 or 7.

  16. That's because the day ends early too. If I'm going to bed at 22:00, it is obvious that I am dining at 20:00.

  17. No, I agree, it depends on lots of factors. Going out at 2am like people do in Spain is unthinkable in Guatemala.

  18. Steak isn't as good the second time around, but it's perfectly serviceable as leftovers. Compare to something like tacos, and steak absolutely reheats well.

  19. Tacos are fine too if you store each part separately. You'd have to make some more guacamole, but still

  20. I mean like already prepared tacos at a restaurant, not a family dinner style taco where everyone assembled the tacos while eating.

  21. Tbh, I'm mostly used to restaurants where the tacos come in parts like that anyway, but yeah, I get what you mean. Pre-assembled tacos get soggy

  22. How does he afford to go to all these games? I've never been to the UK, just trying to get a sense of cost of living from a sports perspective.

  23. He'll have a season ticket, which at Arsenal include most cup games as well. That probably costs £2k more or less. The other games don't cost much. No idea if he travels away or in Europe with the team, but it's clearly a priority for him. It's doable as long as you've got a decent wage and maybe not a lot of other expenses

  24. Tax firms also cant just sell you to other tax firms and force you to uproot your entire family

  25. Neither can football teams. All transfers require the player signing a contract

  26. Dennis Wise, Hasselbaink, Gudjohnsen, Petrescu, Ivanovic, LeBouef

  27. Azpilicueta will definitely be there, and I'm amazed no one's said Di Matteo yet

  28. You kinda stop seeing things as overly sexualized in most cases. We have a company that has 3 dildos crossed as a logo f.e. with the name dildo king, selling (you guessed it) dildos. Not really something I see as offensively sexual. Mostly funny.

  29. Does anyone see an out of context dildo as sexual? I'd always consider it just funny

  30. Well, there's nothing normal about Stan Collymore in fairness.

  31. Older I get, the more I think the announcer didn’t do this goal justice. Should’ve had one of the Spanish announcers going crazy for ten minutes in a row

  32. Dunno why you'd expect an English commentator to go crazy for a goal against England, but it would definitely be funny if he did that

  33. Based on what? The only one who sounds like an extremist is you

  34. Well, he is lying, that's undeniable. Whether it's justified or not, we don't know. Being called chubby is not a big deal imo, is OP prone to throwing huge fits and he wants to save himself the trouble? Even if that was the case the proper thing would be having a conversation about it, not lying to her.

  35. Being called 'chubby' by your partner's mother is completely inappropriate. You might not think it's a big deal, but it's completely uncalled for

  36. I love the feeling of being able to put my hand inside the pillowcase a bit, I guess I got used to it since I was little and when I use closed pillowcases I feel like I'm missing something.

  37. I mean, fair enough. In this thread I'm discovering how strongly people about their pillowcases!

  38. It's disgusting. Also I have shared flats with either Brits and Spanish and the overall cleanness of the place was proportional to the number of Spaniards living in the house.

  39. I'm not sure that's an especially repeatable study. I've lived with very meticulously clean Spaniards and messy ones.

  40. The 'devuelvan el oro' stuff is definitely a meme quite a lot of the time

  41. If she didn’t show proof of id then she didn’t sit the exam

  42. I mean, that's not true. I'm in the middle of my exams now and they haven't asked me for ID once

  43. In an other post you said that your dad was irish ! Are you New Zealander, Irish or British ?

  44. I mean, you can be Irish and British, it's not exactly rare

  45. No, I'm not, I just don't think working past 8pm is particularly horrific. I would work till 10pm on Fridays when I was 15, and I don't think I was being exploited

  46. Yes, I was in an abusive relationship because I worked 6pm-10pm once a week. Are you listening to yourself?

  47. Moody then, more accurate for his surname

  48. Obviously haha. I wouldn't say [suɟʝi] either. It's a joke, the orthography would imply /suʎi/ in Spanish, which would be [suʃi] in Rioplatense.

  49. Out of interest, how do people in Venezuela pronounce 'sushi'? In Spain it ends up being /susi/, especially because the Spanish [s̪] sounds similar to both sounds

  50. That is scientifically untrue. You can say what you want but geologically it is one continent. The geological definution is not based on your feelings, its based on the tectonic plates

  51. As you can see, the Americas is very clearly composed of several tectonic plates.

  52. Ya es que realmente no tiene mucho sentido usar un término tan específico para referirse al sistema educativo de otro país.

  53. Creo que no es eso, sino la primaria hasta el último curso de la ESO o incluso del bachillerato.

  54. The irony of you posting this particular GIF. If not known, that is Gavin Free of Slow Mo Guys and Rooster Teeth fame. In multiple videos over the years, it has been mentioned that he is not circumcised.

  55. Which isn't remotely notable in the UK, tbh

  56. Andorra does not permit dual citizenship under any circumstances for adults, and Orellana has exercised his Spanish citizenship rights as an adult by representing Spain's U19 team. (There's also no readily-available evidence that he had Andorran citizenship as a kid anyway.)

  57. Might it be a case of the left hand (Spanish gov) and the right hand (Andorran gov) not talking?

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