1. Baby Queen could fit in The Now Now perfectly imo

  2. We’ll since we only have two other songs for the album we don’t really know if it’s out of place. I do think it is very now now-ish

  3. It’s a tie between Saturnz Barz and Stylo

  4. I’m mainly anticipating skinny ape since I got to hear it live and it sounded AMAZING

  5. Yellow guy saying “no, no, come on no, NO, no”

  6. Doesn’t Bora say the F slur in that one cojum dip song

  7. So then I woke up, read the newspaper, and then I was deeeeeead. Then I met youuuuu

  8. I would KILL for a gorillaz, Steve Lacy collab

  9. His most popular songs are dark red and bad habit. I just heard his new album recently and it does have a gorillaz style vibe to it. But he also has his own sound which is why I think he would work great with them

  10. When they get to the dump in episode 5 and yellow guy asks “where’s the community?”

  11. They played songs from every phase and Damon got out a big horn. 10/10

  12. I really like the song about feeling stressed

  13. Seeing skinny ape live was a sight to behold

  14. At first I thought you were sad because it turned out the cartoon people aren't real

  15. Is Hong Kong not the most popular song from that b-sides album? I thought everyone loved it, and it was played live alongside Demon Days.

  16. It could be the most popular song ever and still be underrated because it is a work of art

  17. Hong Kong is one of, if not the greatest songs they’ve ever made

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