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  1. Tried to be a hero and that still counts. Headlock was not the move tho lol

  2. Yo I was hanging out at the Tourette’s guy video and no one was there 😔

  3. Pop the bubble and blame retail or China you spineless cnts dare you

  4. If the taxpayer threatens suicide ask for an emergency contact to harass as they will likely not continue payments

  5. He isn’t near the same fighter but he’s a former champ and put on a performance against Cruz that was monumental. Plus the KO against assuncao one of the best ever in Ufc history. He leaves behind a legacy

  6. I'm not saying buy $40 options, I'm just using it as a reference the price could and will likely increase in two weeks rather than go down... Now $2 call options are super cheap, so I'm not telling anyone to buy them, but you could make quite a bit of money just from anticipation alone.

  7. Options set for mid 2025 let’s play the long game fuck face crooks

  8. Best way to not get bageled by a 4.5 is to play a power set. That way you’ll have at least 10-15 chances to win a game lol

  9. That was brutal. What was the guy saying that led up to it happening?

  10. Ok this gets me jacked but prior price run ups not August’s didn’t have this many FTDs right? Doesn’t that mean there’s little correlation? I want us to 🚀 but just curious maybe I’m missing something

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