Kind of a dumb post, but do you ever just wanna play video games but once you have a chance to play you have zero motivation bc you’re just too tired mentally and physically lol

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  1. If u go to a good barber and u have the length for it it’s doable!

  2. You think the image is a good enough reference to show a barber?

  3. Yes, if anything, it really just birthed a sub genre in the overall genre of fighting games.

  4. I found out I got a beta code 1 week later, turns out my iPhone logged me out of the email I got the code in a day or two before they went out and I didn’t notice until I needed to reset my Xbox password recently… Biggest sadge

  5. something tells me early 2023 ... shit i hope so atleast ...

  6. I mean, wasn’t Strive’s closed and open beta’s super close to og release date before they realized how shitty their lobbies were and had to delay the game? So I’d image early 2023 as well, I mean I hope it is

  7. Sf5 closed beta was July 2015 and it released February 2016, so 7 months later. It doesn't mean anything concrete just something to go off of. Could be a late spring or early summer release date

  8. You can try frost's community if that's still around but uhhhh....all I'm gonna say is do your research before you head in there.

  9. Anyone know what time the beta is supposed to drop? It just said midnight with no timezone. Is it different per region?

  10. This reminds me of Splatoon 3, midnight per region is so painful.

  11. My back up plan is Parsec with one of my 5 friends if any of them get in but not me and vice versa

  12. On PC and with training mode. It's gonna be awesome even if you don't get in.

  13. PC players with PC friends that get in bouta be on parsec the whole time lul

  14. I’m already doing my work for that game, convinced my cousin to pre order it for console.

  15. Im curious, how old Sakura and Karin were in Alpha? They were teens right? Li Fen looks like a new Sakura in the trailer, like she is in her teen days, doesnt look like a pre teen to me.

  16. A lot of chain throws in 3D fighters. They’re so hard because not only do you have to learn complex motions (which the inputs could be sometimes flipped based on camera angle), but you also have a tiny window to press the grab button again to enter the next part of the throw. So you might be pressing the grab at the right time but missing the input or vice versa. Takes some time to get down.

  17. Do you have any examples? Sorry, just feeling curious after posting the question.

  18. Ah, I don’t play much KOF so I didn’t know what DM meant, sorry.

  19. I want to smack whoever was responsible for naming a button "Forward".

  20. street fighter (jab strong fierce short forward roundhouse)

  21. Wow, that just shows how much I know Sakura then, lol, I’ve seen her animations so many times I just know what button to hit when watching combo videos with inputs, just straight up ignoring em. I’m not even good at the game. Honest to god I forgot SF had a completely different naming system outside of MP LP, etc

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