needed a stand so I made this from scrap

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  1. Groot. Like how the hell have they not buffed him. Or is it hes so shit that they just dont know how to fix him.

  2. They did try to buff him but it didn't make him much better

  3. CMM and venom to rank 2 and 3 respectively, I've used both a good bit but I haven't got as much as I would have liked only have about 18 6* about r1 and I would have rather used the resources elsewhere

  4. Is hulking in the the basic pool already?

  5. What you doin with the Kinect boss? I still use a couple of 'em for decent cheap mocap.

  6. I use it for it's lidar, let's me render thing in real life into models on a computer

  7. Not electrical tape sadly, it's gorilla tape

  8. Sig helps but isn't needed, you will want him awakened though

  9. I don't think it's that, I've seen several designs for a hall and none of them had beds, I tried adding beds but it still didn't work

  10. Every villager needs a bed. Unless it's a thunderstorm, that the only option

  11. The beds are still placed it just not in the hall with them

  12. A good conspiracy is when you get a champ down to 1 percent health they take extra hits than usual to ko. For example it should prob be 1 or 2 hits when at 1pc but seems to now become 5 or 6.

  13. I feel that last on, opened about 20ish of the last 5* featured and half my pulls were squirrel girl or falcon

  14. Check the wiki, it lists him as a former member

  15. Then look at Avengers volume 4 #12

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