1. No joke, I'm 90% sure that Darth Brandon is a character from the Knights of the Old Republic SW game. Some chump apprentice you fight once

  2. People who like crab/lobster like butter and herbs. They're the potatoes/popcorn of the sea

  3. That would also make me definitely tell my coworkers about it because it means they're all getting screwed over.

  4. I personally go with a mixed unit, 1 buckler and 2 lances. Lances give them some teeth offensively and the buckler absorbs AP0/-1 attacks. Never leave home without 2 units of these bad boys to complement my bikes.

  5. I like to run two squads. One with 2 spears the other two pistols. The spears I use as more aggressive objectives flippers while the pistols skirt and pick off any outside enemies. Although I may just make them 3 full of each. The mixed units is nice cause I can sort of swap the roles for them if needed

  6. Yes. I don't think I said or implied otherwise.

  7. I know you meant it as "because you can ignore the troop tax in arks of omen" but I definitely can see how the way it was written implies that arks is what introduced this rule for no more prosecutors than other custodes troops

  8. Every 6 months??? She seem like she has some insecurities. Kinda asking a lot. I'd be ok with an initial test assuming we both got tested, but nothing after.

  9. That's the amount of times you should do it if you're frequently with new partners. But like my goodness seems excessive for someone who is looking for a long term marriage oriented relationship

  10. I am not really familiar with transport rules, but I love the idea of slinging forward some terminators. How could you get the Aleya that far forward turn 1?

  11. 6" pre game move for the rhino when the witchseekers are in it. When disembarking you get 3" from the transport plus the units movement. She has a 7" base movement. Then she can advance which is a d6" more. She can get a wlt that gives her +1" to advance and charge. Lastly the teleport homer strat just needs one model of the unit within 3" of her.

  12. Works really well with castellans mark. You move the tank where you want it and rush on forward

  13. So this is possibly my hot take. I like blade champ with this WLT. I use him to fight monsters and vehicles that usually have tracks.

  14. Winky Blinky the one eyed Sargent is firin' blanks.

  15. I can’t think of a more benign and vanilla activity than cooking a bunch of food with/for friends.

  16. Some people aren't from cooking families I guess. Cause I drove 90 miles to cook a birthday dinner for one my gf's Friends back in college just because I liked to Cook and the dishes I wanted to make were fun. It was also the first time I met most of them

  17. It just seems like it's become trendy to like it. I doubt you're going to ever match with the typical Star Wards nerd (unless he's a Chad for example). Just seems like you have ulterior motives.

  18. "attractive people can't like star wars" what a weird take dude

  19. She seems to not let people hit it raw ?

  20. Oh god. I thought these were her red flags for other people.

  21. There's statistically only one in nine chance the fortress will spill the damage. And this chance only goes significantly down as the game progresses.

  22. If they have a few of them and you get unlucky it would certainly not matter what the math says should happen. And that's just their biggest one body threat

  23. Does he sell this as files or only prints? I've got a good printer and wanna get a gaggle of these fellas

  24. What a crappy person to do that to children. Time for the "counterfeit detection" badge to become a thing and teach everyone how to spot them. Would be a surprisingly useful skill if you don't have the marker and light machine

  25. I'd say they shouldn't be effected at all since is seems the intent of the stratagem is that it's a psychic assault that can be empowered in his psychic phase. As it is written, technically they might be eligible targets for the minimum damage at least.

  26. Been using them. Have a pretty strong comp list that utilizes 40+ of em

  27. They're one of my favorites. Very cheap with 1d6 auto hitting shots per model. Gets crazy if you bring out a knight Centura with the WLT to extend their range and ignore cover. Pre game move is also nice. Plus they can advance and shoot all game. They're easy to kill but are surprisingly durable on light cover

  28. And the re Roll of 1 to wound ! And especially the WLT to cancel thé obj secure ! With the 6 autohit relic flamer

  29. Yeah I brought that up in a later post too. It's a really strong unit. Can even kill a couple terms with the setup

  30. I looked into it. I feel like it's not really worth it since the terms have deep strike. The best use of her stratagem, imo, is to have either a 3 man of allures or aquilon that you want to swap to a different section of the map later in the game

  31. I mean, you do get a whole extra turn with them on the board. But they'll be a pretty prime target for charging and enemies to slingshot movement. So if they fail their charges it could be pretty tough for you. It's worth testing in game though

  32. Honestly we can do really well with only codex units now. Our fw stuff is great and unlocks our shooting potential. But we are more than powerful enough in melee to deal with the enemies and strong vehicles with good use of katahs and our axes. The plastic dread is both good and technically possible to kitbash into the FW ones with a lot of effort and creativity. But he's fine for his point cost and abilities

  33. Drop the bolters SoS. Add a few more to the witchseekers and do the flaming bus of doom. The knight centura doesn't need voidsheen. From my many games with it, only worth putting on one with the sword. Swap that with the WLT for more range and ignores cover Aura. You'll be having some way more threatening flamers. The 1 CP boost to their strength is amazing

  34. well, I personally LOVE aquilon but I would be honest they're way too expensive in point to be viable right now. same with telemon

  35. But they'd be some serious power houses in a solar watch army after dropping a slingshot with aleya out of a witchseeker filled bus. They'd be charging at 8 inches essentially and have decent targets for shooting as well

  36. sure, but is it worth 10 more ppm over alarus ? ? I love them but they tend to be a bit too high cost

  37. If you're fighting S8 or 9 vehicles they are. Also deletes Marines on 2+

  38. Can't bring 3 different Leman Russ Squads in a 1000 point game. You need to put one of those individual russes in a squad with another and bring another Heavy Support choice to fill up AoO requirements.

  39. Yup, didn't realize the rule of 3 guideline was only 2 for 1000 pts or less. I don't know many people who run that way but if it was the expected that makes sense

  40. I don't usually play sub-2000 pts. games, so I don't know what people usually expect. But I guess there's an argument for house rule it whatever they're comfortable with because I'm not the matched play police in friendly games, and I don't think anyone else should be, so this discussion is merely academic.

  41. Honestly it just makes it so he could bring one artillery piece and probably have been more impressive with just less upgrades on the Russes

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