1. I'd agree but.. the load times are baaaad. Which is to be expected but also FFIX in general is a slow game and the ATB meter takes so long to fill.

  2. Terra is the main character of the World of Balance.

  3. I'd say Terra is the protagonist for the entire game. Even if she is optional in WoR the entire story revolves around her and could not happen without her around. Even the ending largely has to do with Terra.

  4. Probably quickly? He beat previous antagonists when he was much weaker so he'd probably win again after he's stronger. What kind of question is that

  5. Game is kinda slow for a while it really picks up towards the end of disc 1

  6. Castlevania 3 is very similar to 1 gameplay wise, as in its a 2d side scroller, but there’s alternate paths to take and multiple characters you can switch through with different abilities. If you liked 1, you’ll like 3, though it’s a bit harder. Super castlevania 4 is also very good, it’s an snes game.

  7. Sonic Mania isn't a fan project, it was a Sega-commissioned game.

  8. I cannot believe to this day people still call Sonic Mania a fan game. Just compare it to actual fangames the quality difference is night and day. Also it was made first and foremost by professionals who had worked for Sega before.

  9. bro p5 is over 6 years old at this point, I would hope if they announced p6 now they would be nearing the end of development already lol

  10. Games, especially long ass JRPG's like Persona take time. People also forget we went through a pandemic where many people had to work from home. Be patient.

  11. I swear this question gets asked every other day and there's an entire FAQ recommending you games, does no one check before asking?

  12. Why don’t you try playing the games first instead of assuming they’re too difficult for you. A lot of them are more than manageable

  13. JRPG= Japanese roleplaying game made by Japanese developers in Japan.

  14. Please be trolling this has to be some of the dumbest shit I've ever read

  15. "Golden age" FF gameplay is garbage with one of the worst combat systems ever put into an rpg and we've lost nothing with square moving to action systems. ATB can go die in a fire and never come back.

  16. Feels like almost every week there's a FF13 hero/defend thread. It's ok to like the game we get it.

  17. Soon enough there will be die hard FF2 fans that swear it was always amazing

  18. It's more like people have adopted the beliefs of what began as vocal minority crybabies, and people that haven't even played the FF's that people say are "bad" just jump on the hate train. FF2 is great imo. 13 is good. 8 is the best. 2 has a great story, world, and cast. A game mechanic that some people find annoying doesn't make it a bad game.

  19. I agree that there are many people who don’t play games and instead just repeat the popular opinion. But there are many valid reasons to not like those games and when comparing them to the rest of the series they don’t hold up at all imo.

  20. I thought what made SMT unique in the first place is that it took place in a modern day setting where an apocalypse breaks out. What good would making a medieval fantasy game do other than have it blend into the sea of other games that have done it?

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