1. More like the Arkham Origins Batman. He's still in his early years.

  2. I'm not talking about the character's arc. I'm talking about his look

  3. where did you get this video? was the clip released online?

  4. Yeah it was released on youtube, I just edited the audio.

  5. I can see him being inspired by batman to become Azreal

  6. Why don't you people enjoy the movie rather then nitpicking ?

  7. Colson: So much bigger than you could ever imagine, it’s the whole system

  8. I mean he's year 2 so you'd expect that he's gonna get his ass kicked while he is fighing.

  9. Batman begins, Cause from the start to finish it focuses on bruce/batman and keeps you engaged with his character progression throughout the whole movie. With awesome villains like Scarecrow & Ra's al ghul.

  10. The train fight in batman begins to me is the best don't ask me why I just love it.

  11. All I see is batman arkham origins suit which is 🔥

  12. I always remember his character in “the night off” and I cant take him seriously yet, maybe the movie will change my mind.

  13. What time is it? I’m not from us

  14. It's good cause it's shows how vulnerable he is ..

  15. Anybody know If this music is gonna be part of the soundtrack or is it just for the galaxy commercial?

  16. I think It's from the official soundtrack cause It's has the same vibe like the other ones from trailers to themes

  17. Man forget the scene, this whole ass soundtrack is gonna have me bobbing my head like a fool 😤 🔥 💯!

  18. That's what killing me, I wanna hear the full soundtrack so bad

  19. Which is a good thing cause I love Keaton's stare

  20. I'll take this statement as Review for the film, Which makes me more hyped for it..

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