1. Great results congrats and more will come

  2. Amazing job man must be the happiest on the planet 😆

  3. I’ve checked your previous post .. definitely better than 10 days ago

  4. Put some images about your case so people can tell you what’s happening

  5. This is really good progress and you really seems younger and better by far ..congrats and god bless you

  6. You seem to be on par with the rest of the worry-warts lol. Just kidding it seems like it’s coming along well, don’t worry.

  7. 😂😂 just because my dr said it’s beginning of inflammation and it will take awhile to actually meet him i was curious about my case wanted to make sure it’s going well 🌺

  8. Some people (especially fair skinned people) just have really red skin for a long time after their procedure I’ve noticed. Since it’s pretty common for them then I would consider it relatively normal

  9. Thanks for your comment it just made me feel more comfortable

  10. Definitely you are pretty much in a good state for now and you don’t need a ht at the moment you can jump on medication

  11. That’s excellent density god bless you and become more happy ..may i ask if you’re a smoker ?

  12. Thanks for the informative details this actually helped me alot..i really appreciate that god bless you all time ..🫶

  13. So far so good ..great progress buddy

  14. Looking great my friend happy growth ..may i ask you many cigarettes did you smoke everyday since you were 2 weeks op ?

  15. Lookin very good with buzzed hair no worries it suits you man

  16. That’s very good density. Will look very natural.

  17. That’s cool to hear ..thanks brother

  18. Clean work bro at the hairline ..great density god bless ya

  19. This happend to me and i was curious about that.. but my doctor told me that it’s oki to let it like this it’s not harming the grafts

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