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  1. So let me get this straight… you do this man’s cleaning, organizing, scheduling, and menial daily tasks. Yet you’re still somehow sexually attracted to him and considering having a child with him…when he’s essentially acting like an overgrown child and refusing the possibility of any outside help.

  2. I wouldn't use soap ... it would be better to use sterile wound irrigation or antiseptics.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to daily cleansing of open wounds, a mixture of soapy water (followed by a rinsing of clean water) is recommended above using antiseptics (like hydrogen peroxide/ isopropyl alcohol).

  4. Yeah, this list depresses me. On the upside, we are probably the most responsible people in our friendgroups.

  5. This list also depresses me, in a different way. I had all of this, but in a twisted form.

  6. A lot of other comments have addressed your main question and had some great suggestions, so I’d like to touch on the brief comment you made about children being “mandatory” for your husband. Because that’s a big check he’s writing for your body to cash. Is he also willing to do the bulk of parenting since he has a partner who’s still on the fence?

  7. This doesn’t have to hurt your friendships. These women are going to need your help! If you like children/babies, even if you don’t want your own, you can be the best auntie and friend by just spending time with these new moms after they’ve given birth. Go over and watch the baby for a couple of hours so she have a shower and a nap. That’s the friend she’s going to want.

  8. Thank you! So many people in this thread seem to be mourning OP’s friendships for OP when this is an awesome bonding opportunity! “It takes a village to raise a child” didn’t come from nowhere. OP has a chance here to prove they are a true ride or die friend and an invaluable member of that village and instead they’re just feeling “weird” about it?

  9. Oh 1000%. Just to clarify, I’m not feeling weird that our friends are having kids, I’m feeling weird that we’re not. It’s like the group is having this deep bonding period over this shared experience and we’re not a part of it. But I’m absolutely stoked for them and have already bought each one gifts for their nurseries.

  10. As many others have already said, how you feel is valid. But also remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone has different paths and achievements in life. That doesn’t mean we are only limited to befriend those with paths/ achievements/ life decisions similar to ours. And it certainly doesn’t mean that those going through serious life changes aren’t going to need some outside perspective and camaraderie from people who aren’t in the same boat.

  11. This pain you feel will pass. It may not feel like it now, but it will. Breakups, especially when you’re still so young, can feel raw and like they’re tearing you apart from the inside. But there’s a reason you’re no longer together. There’s a reason why you’re now in a position to not care for a significant other, but to care for yourself. Do for you what you would do for a good friend right now. Go grab a treat. Watch a movie that makes to feel what you want to indulge in right now. Wear comforting clothes.

  12. Ah I really appreciate your response, we broke up about a month ago and I thought I was doing well, but come a few days ago and we meet again turns out she moved on very fast and is now in a new relationship... I thought I was doing good with getting over the breakup but learning that really hurt me because I'm going through so much pain and she just moved on so fast... It feels like the day we broke up all over again

  13. I get that. When you see an ex move on so quickly, it can feel like what the two of you had meant nothing to them. That’s a hard sting. Don’t let it get you too down though. We all deal with heartbreak in different ways.

  14. Straight lanolin (nipple cream) at night. A thick layer. Aquaphor throughout the day as needed but as long as I'm consistent with the Lanolin I've found I don't really need anything throughout the day.

  15. Seconding this. Lanolin was a freaking game changer for my crusty winter lips. Slather on some vanicream first and you’ll still feel it there when you wake up in the morning.

  16. No one can answer that question except them. There are so many different reasons why someone might want to put another person down. Learning their true motivations might make you feel more resentful of them or might make you pity them, but it won’t make you feel better.

  17. It might have been another 13 or 14 yr old boy. We don’t know. They’re may have been no crime

  18. The fact that she had to be hospitalized after being asked questions about it suggests it likely was a crime. Or at the very least, traumatic.

  19. Thank you. I am grateful for all of the support. I have done a lot of reflecting today and I plan to confront my husband later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully I will have an update to share then

  20. Oh damn this comment is now 5 days old?? OP, please let us know if you’re ok. Really really hoping you are

  21. Not sure if I’m going to be child-free forever, but for the time being, I feel pretty fulfilled. I personally enjoy caring for friends and family. Making homemade gifts. Donating to causes when I can. Volunteering at animal shelters. Giving to food banks. Building wealth to increase my ability to help set up nieces and nephews with college funds/ future home down-payments. I’ve found that just doing what I can when I can adds up a good deal.

  22. I live near some of their communities and I know people have issues with them, but my God, the Amish market by my house is fucking amazing. We get all of our meats there, omg the soft pretzels, everything is so fresh and delicious. They have the food game down!

  23. Ooh I may have to stop by the Amish market I saw the next time I’m passing through

  24. Those Amish are likely conservative and believe in Jesus, guess you hate them.

  25. What is the reason for the poll? Can you elaborate on why you're looking for the stats?

  26. Plain curiosity. I was making an assumption that the majority of people here were in a similar situation to myself - no kids (bio or otherwise) in my care and just wanted to see if I was right or wrong in that assumption.

  27. I assumed more people would be in the same position I am in lol. I have a nearly one year old daughter and wanted to hear perspectives from parents of two and three children.

  28. That might be another interesting poll! Of those here who do have kids, how many have one and how many have multiple?

  29. We welcome parents of all types here, including those of non bio kids.

  30. Just to clarify- I did not expect this kind of controversy over my question - it’s not that I don’t think you guys are welcoming to other parents, I just think that parents of non-bio kids may gravitate to other subs more. I thought the question would be more relevant to this sub in particular. And from the results so far, it’s looking like my guess was correct. Most here don’t have any biological children (like myself).

  31. Just seems to be the main focus of this sub - hence the stickied post about “the just adopt response” and the multiple posts noting medical concerns on giving birth. I figured the majority of people considering adoption, step-parenting, etc. gravitate more towards the

  32. Thank you, and I've wondered if he'd be able to hear me think about him and that's why he's been in my dreams sometimes but I don't know

  33. Dreams alone are powerful things. Write down what you see in those dreams you have of him as soon as you wake up and specifically note any vibrant colors/ items that stood out to you. Afterwards, look up what those things mean when seen in a dream.

  34. Uh yeah. You don’t aggressively try to befriend/make up with someone who attempted to nuke your relationship. You distance yourself. Hard. The fact that the older sister fails to realize this is painfully stupid. Like “but Ted Bundy is so cute, how could he ever hurt someone” stupid.

  35. Slaughterhouses are where serial killers are made, not ghosts.

  36. You could argue this is the haunt’s doing - cultivating humans who slaughter their own kind 👻

  37. I definitely empathize. Growing up, I never heard the words “if you have kids”. It was always “WHEN you have kids”. Not having them biologically was never an option and I based my identity around that - even going so far as to start collecting baby books, create an Amazon wishlist for “newborns”, and make it clear to guys I dated that if they didn’t have babies as an end-goal, we should stop seeing each other.

  38. You are right, I should have been a little more tactful in this situation since she is looking for help. Sometimes my anger is misguided but that’s not an excuse. Should I delete my post?

  39. I would not delete your original comment. OP wanted input from people in this forum. Let her process that information as she likes. Your opinion and personal experience is valid. Don’t let one highly opinionated person in this thread who repeats themselves ad nauseum convince you otherwise.

  40. Raising my hand for the “ladies with period panties” count. And honestly, who the heck has the money to buy a new 5 pack of underwear every month? Periods be sneaky devils (even with cups, tampons, and extra large pads being used from the arsenal) and I’m not gonna turn my nose up at a tiny blood stain if the underwear is clean and intact. He can get outta here with that noise

  41. Being able to apologize to your kid when you make a mistake. Every parent messes up. It’s a part of being human. You may lose your temper and scream. You may assume they did something and punish them (then find out later they didn’t do it), etc. If you apologize (sincerely and openly) to your kid and then follow through on making amends/ not letting the mistake happen again, they will not just learn accountability through modeling, they will also learn that they can depend on you to value them as a person.

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