1. It's that awkward time period in middle school where tweens think they're too old to dress up. They get over it by high school.

  2. I think it’s the age where kids may or may not dress up, and this scene portrays the horrible yet familiar situation where you guess the opposite of the hive mind

  3. You did not find it challenging or fulfilling

  4. He is definitely one of the simulation-runners

  5. Well you close both your eyes, wich is like brainwashed people do

  6. Question: has anyone ever been brainwashed into a viewpoint that you agree with? If not, isn’t that a weird coincidence?

  7. Thank her for her opinion and then do what you want. If you want to lose weight, fine, but do it for yourself not her.

  8. Let your boyfriend know that on a certain date (say a month from now) you will no longer be living with this family member, one way or another. Either he will move out or you will.

  9. If your main source of dissatisfaction is your job, then getting a different one might help, but you will still have a repetitive routine. If it’s mainly the drudgery, I would try therapy. Even if you can only afford to do it once every few months, it’s helpful.

  10. It’s understandable, a relationship is just another thing on the lists of things you want. Unfortunately it’s the one thing that you can’t just buy.

  11. The worst thing she can do is brutally reject you in which case you are no worse off than you are now. She knows who you are since you’re in classes together, so just try to talk to her about class and then transition to other things. If it goes well then eventually ask for contact or social media info and contact her outside of school. Once you’ve talked and are getting along, ask her out.

  12. He does to an extent. He doesn’t know about the money part and that I have about a dollar to my name. My friend who’s apartment I live at, makes meals for me. I don’t pay her, and she doesn’t expect me to pay until I work

  13. I mean, it’s not that I lied to him. I don’t know, you’re probably right, I should tell him everything. It’s just hard to bring it up, I guess. Maybe it’s a mixture of embarrassment and shame.

  14. If he knows you don’t have a job, then the fact that you have no money shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Jobs are where money comes from.

  15. Don’t think of yourself as a wife. You are just a person choosing to live with another person. If you don’t like it you can divorce. Just don’t have a kid until you’re sure.

  16. What about after I would have a kid? Mom and wife all at once?

  17. That’s generally how it works. But I just meant don’t have a kid until you’re sure that you want to be bound to that person forever.

  18. See a doctor, this could be a treatable hormone problem

  19. 3 weeks ago I looked more like my normal pics again but then tonight a lot more like the bad pics

  20. Not really but based on your description you should see a doctor

  21. Let’s be very clear here: keeping his mouth shut is the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires zero energy. All he had to do was not make a comment. If he can’t learn to do that, he’s an idiot.

  22. Carefully thinking about decisions isn’t always a bad thing. You need to accept that by not making a decision, you are in fact making a decision (to keep the status quo). Ask yourself, if you were in a different situation, would you choose to switch to your current situation?

  23. This will happen, but luckily you usually won’t know whether you made the wrong decision, because you won’t know what the alternative would have been like.

  24. He is in favor of frequent mild drinking and an occasional heavy drinking. I want to try heavy drinking once or twice to have the experience and then I don’t expect to do it again besides having a few mixed drinks on a holiday / special occasion.

  25. I can tell you what the experience is like. You are disoriented and dizzy, and you have poor judgement. You may black out or vomit, or say or do things you regret. People may take advantage of you in various ways, ranging from theft to worse things. The next day you will feel awful and people will recommend “cures” that don’t work. But if you still want to try it, be my guest.

  26. Thank you, I appreciate the help and I agree. I just needed the sense knocked into me

  27. Now I feel bad. Sorry for being harsh, I’m a little drunk.

  28. You’re talking about a difference of two months, this is irrelevant. Just divide your time between there and where you are for two months. Once the baby is here, he is going to want some breaks, believe me. You could even go ahead and move, and once he is soul-crushingly sleep deprived from the newborn, go spend the night at your parents’ to give him a break. He will welcome it.

  29. She’s cray. If not living with her forever ends the friendship, then it was going to end eventually anyway. Mourn it and move on.

  30. I know nothing about dating since I haven’t done it in years, but if I had to date people, I would invest some money in a paid dating service and not just approach random women at bars

  31. Entirely depends on which hemisphere you’re in.

  32. It’s difficult so I don’t mean to make it sound easy, but you need to think of eating as a plan not a recreational activity.

  33. Did OP think a Michelin Star was like an award or something?

  34. I assumed it was a billion year contract

  35. I mean I would hope so? You can’t just earn it then be like whelp gunna stop trying at all

  36. Yeah before this article did people think it lasted for eternity?

  37. Or Mike Pence. Michelle Bachmann's husband. Dan Zwonitzer. I mean literally most of the Republicans I see who seem to have a huge issue with homosexuals I just assume have or at least secretly yearn to, sucked a dick. Which isn't a problem if they didn't literally create laws making it a problem even though they want to do it

  38. The idea that all or most homophobes are secretly gay is not only without evidence, but is also homophobic itself since it assumes that gays are mainly oppressed by other gay people

  39. Tbf I don’t live in America but here it’s mostly gays oppressing eachother “ no fats no fems white only” isn’t a phrase being said by straight to gay people. It’s 2023 we can admit a large percentage of the gay population are assholes, like every other population.

  40. I agree that some gay people are assholes. I just don’t think that most assholes are gay.

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