1. It’s the “Seinfeld is cliche,” problem. James Bond practically invented the modern action movie. Of course you think that, every other spy movie stands on its shoulders.

  2. Lucius wasn’t really a contemporary of Harry’s parents. He was a 6th-year when they were 1st-years.

  3. I don’t know if they were actually discontinued, but I’ve never seen a Mars Bar in America. And I’ve been looking for 15 years, ever since I had one.

  4. These two pieces of advice might seem contradictory, but they aren’t.

  5. Joey is a sick pervert who would be MeToo’ed if he were around in 2022.

  6. He literally removed the bathroom door lock when Rachel moved in. He stripped naked the first time he met Monica. He tried flirting with Rachel’s sister when he didn’t even know if she was over 18.

  7. INFO: Where’s your mother in all this? What did she have to say about your father’s actions?

  8. Yes and no for me. I saw her purple right hand, and the purplish colouring to her left hand in the background, and it looked very familiar. That's how my Mum's and Dad's hands/feet etc started to look not long before they passed. It was their bodies slowly shutting down.

  9. Yeah, that sort of bruising is common among people of her age. I think she’d stopped caring at that point and knew she didn’t have much longer.

  10. I'm thinking in the season finale of Better Call Saul next week we find out that Gus actually has a twin brother who is the other "chicken brother" in Los Pollos Hermanos and between them they divide their time between their "legitimate" businesses and the meth business. It was the other brother who was killed by Walter and the real Gus has gone into hiding and reveals himself to Saul as the transition to the Gus Fring spinoff the fans have been wanting.

  11. I’m pretty sure the other “chicken brother” was Max, though they obviously weren’t really brothers.

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