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  1. There's a glitch on Xbox that could allow you to play games well before the release date.

  2. This is not the case, it has a global release, I would be playing it otherwise 😪

  3. Every 461 years, we pass through the galactic sheet. This is the reset of the magnetic particles that make all of us up. The refresh. And it never quite goes back together correctly. So, they save our DNA through nasal swabs en masse and start clearing the ice in Antarctica and New Zealand for when the pole migration ends and the 23.5° lines move the water around in the long wrote about flood cycle according to the internet. I honestly don't know. I wasn't there. Or was I? We exist. That's enough for me. Some things are okay remaining a mystery. The voyage is all that matters. If this makes sense, you're on the good chlorophyll. Seriously. Everything is an illusion. We live in BioShock Columbia in the sky.

  4. I know you said you can’t afford a PS5 but just in case, the HFW PS5 bundle has in through Walmart+

  5. We sadly don’t have any Walmart in Italy

  6. For me, Verona = love at first sight. It’s a song about Romeo and Juliette.

  7. They make it sound as if you don’t have to pay for that stuff

  8. You make it sound as if people don't spend the money on the things that they want. This costume sell like crazy. Anyone playing the game sees tons of the marketplace costumes from all of the other players.

  9. I said that because I bought many, and it’s not because you can pay with real money for premium currency, but because what you can earn from playing the game is limited, so if you want more, guess what ?

  10. I closed the game while it was starting, I think it was dev fixed, but you shouldn’t let it go to quick resume, always close it

  11. So it’s a planet base not a freighter one right ?

  12. How many gb is the expansion ?

  13. In the beta you had to talk to the scientist guy

  14. I paid 60 euros to see both placebo and muse last Friday in Italy

  15. They’re free battle pass rewards

  16. I remember reading in mods description that such a mod is impossible, on xBox at least

  17. I mean I’m no modder by any chance, but can you just move weapons a bit further away from a character back ?

  18. I feel like there's been a bunch of posts asking this. Have you done a search of the sub?

  19. I’ve searched for it, and couldn’t find a precise answer, so I asked

  20. Well, good thing you didn't. Most of them were wrong, myself included.

  21. We’re you pulse driving around or you encountered it outside of pulse drive?

  22. They are already in the normal game. But they can't be claimed as frigates outside of the expedition.

  23. So I can see them on my normal playthrough ?

  24. Does FOS add trees or just re-texture existing trees? If it adds trees I wouldn't recommend using. Adding more trees to the game tends to negatively affect game performance. Adding too much of anything will cause issues but adding more trees or dense grass is one of the worst culprits.

  25. I would do it on a series x, and probably cap fps at 30, do you think it would be still to much?

  26. How do you cap the FPS at 30? I thought that's impossible after AE update? You can't use the Xbox FPS Boost now. It's deactivated. I would like to do it on my Series S :(

  27. Didn’t search for it, there should be mod though

  28. You just need to check the patch version and see the computer one is the same

  29. Are you playing as a guest in an online game?

  30. It probably won’t, if you want to increase performance you should play on smaller galaxy, less empires, less livable planets, no cross-species, the more feature they put in, the more the scripts is heavy and the performance decrease.

  31. Pretty common I guess, I got 500 milions from it

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