1. Same, but after going through a few hundred of them they all just kinda blend together which makes it hard to make a serious effort to educate the poor souls. But ah well. You good luck out there too!

  2. Listen, I get what y’all are trying to do with the whole 4 elements and gender bending and what not. But if they look like a man we’re gonna call it a man. If we find out they have a penis we’re gonna call it a man. If we find out that the penis is artificial and they were born with a vagina and not because of some crazy genetic situation, we’re gonna call it a woman. At the core of it we believe your genetic make up allows you to genetically reproduce in one of the two natural ways for humans, and that’s the part we care about. We understand the whole “it’s just social labels” thing, we don’t care. It’s okay for people not care for social labels and what’s trendy or socially acceptable. Maybe not to their(trans) face as not to be rude ofc, but this is political Reddit where people are free to speak and discuss beliefs freely, and if we’re provoked or asked then yeah free speech and uhh what not. I really don’t mean any of this in a harmful way. It’s what we’ve chosen to believe, and hate to say it but this isn’t one of those things I see changing in the future where the majority forgets that people ever thought this way. We don’t have to fight, nor accept the other side. But the least you could do is not come to a place or sub where people think oppositely of you and try and talk down to people or try and insight arguments, IF you’re actually trying to change peoples minds. If you’re just trying to troll then go ahead because at that point I mean it’s just fun and you know you’re not helping.

  3. If you think that way, but know its a big thing for another Person that they identify as trans woman or whatever, why do you feel the need to point out to them that you dont view them like that? Isnt that just bullying for no reason? To me that just seems really cruel and its rly hard for me to understand why you would want to make others feel bad? Whats the problem in ”live and let live”?

  4. Not surprised, when u reach a certain level of understanding and enlightenment this is breakfast to what really goes on.

  5. You can do whatever you want, but I think people’s reasons for it is just transphobia and homophobia and it’s sad. If the person has fully surgically transitioned , you are now having sex with a woman and not a man. They are not a man anymore and did not rape you.. That’s why they’re called trans women. You have consented to sex with the female person in front of you, not the man they once were.

  6. That’s such a work around that doesn’t even work. No, they are not the same. They are not a woman. Nor are they biologically female. I know you lot like to say “at that point they’re a woman,” but many of us do not participate in your delusions. If choosing your own sexuality is so important how can you speak for others? If they decide “no, only biological women” then that their decision and it’s not transphobic. It’s just preference.

  7. Of course they’re not biologically female. That’s why I say that they are trans women. But If they’re attractive to you though and the sex is good, you are in fact attracted to a trans woman and the sex was good no matter what you tell yourself and there’s nothing bad about it. You in fact do like trans women then.

  8. No dog. Once a relationship becomes sexual between two people it is the other persons business to know that they’re trans. It’s to each their own. Anyone can pick any reason for why they don’t want to have sex with someone. Whatever reason they want because it’s their body their choice. Final say. And I do like trans women sexually. Preop with a penis, but I don’t like men. But I can see as well as anyone else that it’s okay for people to have preferences.

  9. My dad was a teacher and my mom was a sahm and our fridge was always filled. Even with 3 kids. Bro either had to be a dumb Ass with money, have 8 kids, or live in Somalia

  10. Lmaooo, I know these bitch ass libtards are not saying they want a fight😂😂

  11. Yo yo yo, trans men still have periods. They’re still biologically women. If it was trans “women” that’d be different

  12. They are specifically referencing Tampax sponsoring Dylan mulvaney who is a biological male

  13. Ohh okay, wish it said that. Cuz when I hear “trans man” I think “actually a woman”

  14. He won no-go world's twice at black belt.

  15. He’s being sarcastic, like almost shit posting making fun of the people who actually think this lol

  16. Ultimate change. He just throws out a like 12 mines that stay there till they’re stepped on

  17. "Bro" your most recent comment is you lying about how the cops didn't kill George Floyd even though the autopsy shows you're full of shit, of course you have no issue with the n-word.

  18. 😂 so because I don’t believe that a drugy who was a pos only had one reason for dying. Which was a cop killing him, clearly, I’m racists. Have you ever looked deeper at GF than “cop bad bee boo bop.” I hate cops just as much as the next guy, but no that cop isn’t the soul reason gf died. Also no I don’t care that these dudes are going nuts typing bad words still. In a video game. If bro was screaming the N word in public it’s be different.

  19. Was this man also on over dosing amounts of drugs or did the police actually kill the man in this video?

  20. Nice Honda bro! Never seen anyone drive a fish bowl but I imagine a nice Honda is a big upgrade!

  21. Looks like Ben Shapiro was caught in his own hypocrisy

  22. You look great in both pics but it depends what you’re going for. The first one looks more like you’re gonna be wearing a suit and tipping really well, the second one looks like you can do 16 muscle ups and probably know a lot about the different types of beer.

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