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  1. NTA. I've also been very small my whole life and people say the absolute worst shit under the guise of "concern" or "observations" and just expect you to take it because "being thin is a privilege, you can't get upset because you don't experience the same discrimination that big people do", which is outright bullshit.

  2. There was a Chick Fil a in California that was threatened with being declared a public nuisance because their drive through line kept backing up into the road and messing up traffic flow.

  3. I wish they all would. Every one around me is fucking terrible and backs up onto the main street. One is across from the JC and a high school, with the only local Dutch Bros Coffee next door, so that area is an absolute clusterfuck for traffic every damn day

  4. I have 3 In n Outs near me and they never reach the main street from what I've noticed. Maybe it's because I'm in NorCal tho?

  5. I did stats for wrestling for 7 years (3 years of high school, 4 years of college) and holy shit, I've never seen so many psychotic parents in one building.

  6. I was just at the dentist. I LOVE going to the dentist. The office is 100% professional. My hygienist is amazing. Today, a gentleman was looking after his three very young boys while his wife was getting her teeth worked on. The youngest screamed and ran around and banged doors. It ruined a perfectly good dental visit. Kids do NOT need to scream all the time.

  7. I was at the doctor's office on Wednesday and there was a lady who was allowing her probably 6 year old daughter wrangle her barely walking toddler while she just ignored the world on her phone. Both kids kept shrieking and running around the whole room. They literally stepped on and tripped over me multiple times so I got up and moved to the back of the room and the mom glared at me. There was another lady there with her kid who was probably about 3 and he was so well behaved, he just sat there with a book and barely made a peep and they ended up following me to the back of the room because the toddler kept trying to "play" with the little boy but just kept slapping and screeching at him and the little boy was getting uncomfortable.

  8. This is true, and $20 as a machine operator is actually pretty good compared to a lot of places (Looking at you, Zodiac Aerospace at $15/hr). It's a whole different trade when you're experienced and skilled in programming, setup, design, manual machinery, and materials/cutter specifications. Those guys start at $24 bare minimum around here and even that's generally starting pay.

  9. Zodiac was bought out and then shut down and moved to Texas last month. I know this because my bf was one of those machine operators making fucking peanuts and they tried to convince us to move to Texas with zero guarantees of employment after 6 months and he told them to shove it. He was laid off in May when all his machines were ripped out and moved to Denton.

  10. Heck yeah. When I worked there they actively had people starting to unionize and they held an all-hands meeting literally telling us if we do "We'll move production to Mexico and fire you all". Surprise surprise, the union vote failed and they moved half the company to Mexico anyway. I didn't know they'd been completely shut down though, good riddance. They were just in the process of changing the name from "Heath Tecna" to "Zodiac" when I was there though, almost two years after Zodiac bought them. That company was slow as hell at everything Management touched.

  11. It went from Zodiac to Safran and they kept slowly moving production to Texas and Mexico because "California is so expensive" while literally (figuratively) burning money on the most ridiculous shit. Not only did they throw away thousands of dollars of useful things all the time, but towards the end when they knew they were shutting down the Ca plant, they tried to convince people to go spend a few months in Texas and train their replacements and literally (literally this time) ONE guy went and only because they basically bullied him into it. So instead, the paid to fly like 25 guys from Denton to CA, put them up in hotels, rental cars, food allowance, etc, for SEVEN MONTHS. Some were here longer, some slightly shorter. The CA guys had to train their replacements while getting nothing at all in return.

  12. I feel the same. And reporting the cars with fake paper plates. And parking commercial vehicles on residential streets (illegal for over 3 hours, but they stay for days/weeks).

  13. Do you mean the paper plates from the dealership? Because where I live basically every new car comes with a paper plate and then the DMV sends you the actual one in the mail

  14. Paper plate allegedly from a dealership way out of state that expired weeks or months ago. Or even just a print out that looks like a real plate and is put at where the real plate should be.

  15. I look forward to her suddenly T-Posing on the steps of the courthouse and then slowly drifting off into the sky.

  16. You may have missed OPs comment. He confirmed kids were invited and his daughter was a flower girl. So they are just poor planners ....

  17. I actually did miss that comment. I hadn't seen any replies from OP yet when I commented earlier

  18. No worries! i agree with your original comment. But if someone wants a CF wedding, that needs to be crystal clear.

  19. Oh I agree, but then you get situations like my best friend's sister's wedding where 3/4 of the family boycotted because she wouldn't let their cousins bring their brood of over 19 children total, all under the age of 12 (and all completely undisciplined), to a wedding at a reeeeeally fancy winery that didn't even allow children. Her family tried to bully her into changing venues and accommodating all the kids but she held firm and the majority of her family said that "weddings are for families, so if the kids can't be there, we won't either" and didn't come. It ended up only being my friend, their other siblings, their parents, one aunt, and me on her side, everyone else, including her grandparents, boycotted because she said no kids.

  20. I have a bunch of mystery health issues I've had my entire life. I'm 35 and doctors are just now starting to actually take it seriously and try to figure out what's going on. One of the things my doctor suggested was "musculoskeletal manipulation". The way he described it was "a chiropractor that has actual training and is a real doctor".

  21. My son was adjusted a few times before he turned 1. He got "stuck" diagonally in my uterus for the last month or so, and he had a hard time latching, even after correcting a lip and tongue tie. He couldn't turn his head properly when nursing on one side. After seeing his chiropractor, he was fine. We saw someone who had actual medical training and proper certifications to work on babies/younger children (I forgot the specific name). There was no crazy pops, cracks, or swinging him around like some other comments suggest. Some are quacks for sure, but there are legitimate chiropractors out there.

  22. No, there are no legitimate chiropractors. There are people with actual medical training, and then there are quacks. Chiros don't have medical training.

  23. yeah who talks about their mum like that? real abuse victims struggle to say anything about their abusive parent.

  24. It's also bullshit because YouTube applies the rules to the creators but not the advertisers.

  25. It's so insane to me. If you want your young kids on a site, you've got two options: monitor their usage, or let them see what exists. It's insane that "change everything about the site" is even an option in their minds.

  26. My cousin's 6 year old has a TikTok. Not uses her mom's, has her own. Unsupervised most of the time

  27. The tolls are billed by EZ pass i dont think they can mess with your license. I think they can only send to collections but they will continue to stack fees before they send it off

  28. Here in California if you have an outstanding debt with a toll bridge they suspended your registration and insurance on that vehicle. Happened to my mom and she didn't realize it for a very long time because they were sending all the toll notices to the wrong address somehow. She realized she hadn't gotten her registration renewal and went to the DMV and they were like "your registration has a hold on it due to not paying the toll on the GG Bridge over a year ago. If you want it released you have to pay $1,500 in fines, PLUS the registration fee to get your car registered again."

  29. INFO: You were going away for the weekend while your husband was in the hospital for surgery and you were leaving your two daughters alone the whole time?

  30. I can’t believe how many people aren’t registering this. Gracie wasn’t babysitting and missing a party, she was watching her sister the entire weekend! I don’t even have an adult friend whom I’d impose on that way!

  31. A lot of them are probably parents that either would or have done something similar so they don't see any issues with it. I just can't believe no one has an issue with her leaving her kid with a 16 year old with NO BACKUPS for a few days. That's just astounding to me

  32. Possibly a tired mom taking her first piss break of the day at 4pm and dying inside while her annoyingly curious toddler takes advantage of her brief immobility by crawling on the bathroom floor and going under stall gaps only because they can.

  33. I honestly don't give a fuck about the reason, control your child in a public restroom. I've had this shit happen to me on at LEAST five occasions, at different establishments, and it's NOT FUCKING OK

  34. Nobody said it’s okay, but ignoring that there are reasons (note: not excuses) for this kind of thing isn’t doing you any favors. I can’t think of a parent in this world that WANTS their kid to do shit like that.

  35. I can think of a fuckton of parents whose sense of entitlement and/or IDGAF is enough that they don't care who their child inconveniences. My cousin is one of them so I know they exist

  36. I was leaving my house the other day, getting in my car, and some dude stops his car behind me, so I assume he's about to ask for directions or something and say "can I help you?"

  37. And, of course, in his version of the situation, you’re a psycho bitch for not putting up with his shit.

  38. I deleted Nextdoor for my own mental health but I'm almost positive he made a rant about the "entitled millennials" that live in my house lol and probably Facebook too

  39. Don’t Touch My Truck. Makes me want to die

  40. It randomly came across my Pandora one day and I actually had to go look it up on YouTube and send it to my bf while he was at work because it was so fucking ridiculous

  41. I was literally taking a shit when it hit LMAO Scared that absolute fuck out of me and I had to just brace on the toilet. Then the aftershock hit while I was trying to wipe and get to a safer spot lol

  42. Wow and I was complaining about our 4.5.

  43. I was walking around a very upscale northern California wine town with my bf yesterday and there was a huge white van with Texas plates parked right out front of a very expensive wine tasting restaurant that had chalk paint all over it that said shit like "buy the bride a drink! Donate to our Venmo!" "#theIdocrew", "buy the sexy bride a drink!", "don't be a square, help a girl out!", "Wine Country, here we come!", "you can afford to skip a coffee to buy the bride a drink!" and a bunch of other bs with their Venmo all over it.

  44. You mean like my cousin who got mad at the teacher and school when they tried to expel her son for throwing a chair at his teacher and calling her a "piece of shit n****r s£ut" in 8th grade? She INSISTED the teacher had to have provoked him because her son was "the sweetest kid ever and wouldn't hurt a fly".

  45. And? That’s one side of the story. That’s what HE says. He still stupidly brought up having an Android, and where did he learn that from? Obviously from the garbage Tinder posts on here about men whining over not getting dates. First it was blaming women for caring about height, now it’s blaming women for this. I’m seeing a theme

  46. Are you? Are you that dumb that you immediately believe this post/what OP said as the truth?

  47. Yeah, call me crazy but I don't think YouTube would be that dumb to start pushing 5-10 ads per video.

  48. The movies were skippable, but the multiple ads in succession are not. The long ads usually happen at night, when I'm choosing a documentary to fall asleep to and usually in the middle of the video, not the beginning

  49. I was doing something in the other room so I just let some mid-video YouTube ads run on the TV and was like "huh this ad seems to be going a while". I come back to the TV and see I'm 12 minutes into a random 43 minute podcast episode that's been playing as an ad.

  50. I had a full movie once. 2.5 hours. I've also gotten a few TV show episodes, so just under an hour.

  51. I've never seen more than 2 ads on my fire TV app. Does 10 ads actually happen?

  52. They do on my Xbox. I use my Xbox as my media center and the ads were making it unwatchable. I was just going to dump YT altogether, but my bf logged in with his Premium account so now I don't have ads anymore, but I sure AF wasn't paying for that shit on my own lol

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