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  1. My parents took my to see “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” it was a double feature and the other movie was “Rabid” by David Cronenberg starring Marylyn Chambers. Watching her boobs on the big screen I knew I was a boob-man.

  2. It been 0 for 2 so far this season. Weekend Update has still been solid, but bad hosts and lackluster sketches have made the show boring.

  3. I’m have been a solid fan of the show since it began. I’ve watched some extremely terrible seasons. I hope it will get better.

  4. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown… Maybe it too high a number to be counted?

  5. Schitt's Creek - I tried to like this show over and over again. Didn’t laugh once.

  6. Trump should become an honorary cop. Wait he’s already getting away with all his crimes. Never mind.


  8. Non tax paying, child molesting, hate mongering, Bible thumps should sit down and shut up!!! If the Rapture happened today he and others like him would be on the express train to the real down under!!!

  9. These are the most ungrateful people to have ever existed. Will Smith should dump these leeches. See how far Jada would plummet into obscurity. Her biggest claim to fame is being married to the once Great Will Smith. Jaden doesn’t deserve to be tattooed on Sal Volcano’s upper legs. If he was Tupac’s son he would be a failed good at nothing rapper instead of a failed good at nothing actor. Willow was on that Red Table Shit cheering on Jada’s dismantling of her father because he tried to cheer up the ungrateful G.I. Jane wannabe. Capital F that family for not loving Will the way he Loves them!

  10. I was a fun breezy movie. It should have been released as just “Season of the Witch”. It would be remembered as a better movie, it has all the trademarks of a classic B-Movie/Cult Classic/Midnight Movie, but most people don’t give it a chance because it’s the Halloween movie missing Michael.

  11. Hush - most of the movie, but my Oh No! moments was when he took his mask off to let her know he’s gonna kill her no matter what.

  12. My wife and I have been watching a Mobsters Movie Marathon this week. Started with “The Godfather” saga over the weekend, “Scarface” on Monday, “Goodfellas” on Tuesday, “Casino” on Wednesday, “The Departed” on Thursday, and tonight we end with “Once Upon a Time in America” the extended version. Next week we tackle the “Scream” franchise.

  13. that's awesome, I'd recommend A Bronx Tale (a little different type of story), Get Shorty (a meta-gangster comedy)... and a number more of typical ones: The Departed, The Irishman,

  14. I so love most of those movies. I just don’t own a copy of them at this time. I truly respect “A Bronx Tale.” I’ve not seen “Gomorrah” or “City of God”. I gotta keep en eye out for them. Thanks!

  15. If my old mind if I remember correctly Laurie had to drop keys at the old Meyer’s house. Michael was there and saw her through the glass of the door. Thusly becoming a figure of interest to him. That little favor to her father was the beginning of the end of her friend’s lives, and her and Haddonfield’s long nightmare.

  16. I was sad to see him, Taran Killam, and Vanessa Bayer were (as Adam Sandler said) fired.

  17. I heard AMC theaters are going to charge double for this movie. They say at this long a run time you should pay for a double feature.

  18. No Trick or Treaters, Visitors, Amazon Packages, Mail, or Food Deliveries. It must be a lonely life. Does this also keep family away? If yes I want one!!!

  19. Michael does it with class. I Love Both and of these Kings of Slays, Michael wins a on being the first (Sean Cunningham said it was a cash grab after Halloween made money) although it’s a close call. Better movies - Friday the 13th’s quality is more constant and fun to watch. Halloween goes from great The Original, parts 2,4,2018, and Kills to garbage 5, 6, H2O, Resurrection) Tie. Better Mask - From Pillow Cover to Hockey Mask to Uber Jason he’s been somewhat consistent. William Shatner’s mask tends to boldly change at whim. Sometimes in the same movie. Winner Jason. Best Kills - Jason loves his Machete, but is also flexible and can use anything including his hands. Michael is no frills and loves knives, but has flexibility much like Jason. Tie. Better Stalking Grounds - Jason has Crystal Lake and Outer Space. People continue to go to Crystal Lake ignoring the tales of his being. Michael has Haddonfield Illinois a whole town traumatize and in constant fear of his return. Winner Michael Latest movies - Friday the 13th Reboot was a fantastic amalgamation of the first four Friday movies. It didn’t do anything new, but it entertained. The latest Halloween movies moved the story forward and are bringing new information to further the story. Winner Halloween.

  20. The man whose drone strikes killed a shit ton of innocent people!

  21. Followed by the man who’s indifference for the lives of Americans did nothing to curve a virus.

  22. Right, I forgot that because we had that douchebag Trump as president, it washes away the atrocities Obama committed. Sorry, forgot about that

  23. I agree one’s sins are not forgiven for being replaced by someone just as flawed or more flawed. I am truly tired of people (me included) taking this type of “I’m right your wrong stance”. It does nothing to making the world a better place. So here I respect what you’re saying, and I’m sorry to have offended you. Be Well.

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